The Split Personality of Abby Green

Abby Green is a shy Ravenclaw, picked on by the four Gryffindor pranksters of the Marauders era. Jasmine Fire is Ravenclaw's resident rebel artist. She's never seen away from her studio, the empty classroom where she spends her free time. Both girls have had confrontations with the four boys, and both have something to hide.


4. Lily's and Murals

Jasmine walked out onto the grounds, making her way to the edge of the lake, Lily Evens by her side. Jasmine was hoping the Gryffindor prefect would be able to help her with a new project she was working on, and it didn't hurt that she had experience dealing with James.

"So, you and Potter. Not to sound like I'm routing for your misery, but thanks for the break." Lily said and the two smiled.

"Nah, I don't mind taking a turn. It might be a cool learning experience: How long does it take for a stubborn Gryffindor male to give up on his prize?"

"At least five years. That boy's been on me since day one at this school."

"Yeah, you'd think he would have toned it back a little. Given you some space. Maybe one over the top ask once in a while, but at every meal, Quidditch game and class you have together? That's excessive." Jasmine pointed out.

"Tell me about it. Last month, he covered the entire field in lilies spelling out 'Go out with me Evens?'" Lily said and Jasmine started laughing, "The worst yet, the entire common room was fill of them too. And here's where it get's good. Sirius did the entire thing behind James's back. He had no idea what was going on! I went with Sirius to the next Hogsmead trip just to spite him." Lily finished telling her story joined Jasmine in her laughter.

"Goodness. That's worse that what he did to me! Clever taking Sirius though, I might have to borrow that one." Jasmine said once she had gained control over her laughter.

"What'd he do?"

"He had Sirius come take me to this corridor on the seventh floor. He was just standing there in dress robes, and he had Sirius blindfold me, and he took me into this room, except it was more like a forest, with a picnic set up and everything. Only after we were both seated did he tell me it was a date." Jasmine said and Lily covered her mouth with her hands to keep back her laughter.

"What did you do?"

"I got up and left. And when I got back to my studio, the entire room was covered in flowers of every shape size and color. There was this big banner hanging in the middle asking me out for real."

"Oh goodness. Alright, on our way out you said you wanted help with a project? And I'm assuming not just the one testing if you can shake James before we graduate."

"Ah, no, I'm sure I can get him to back down eventually. I was wanting to paint a mural. You know like a good bye present to the school."

"We don't graduate for another two years. And I'm not an art person."

"No, but your the brightest witch of our age. I can do the painting. I just need help prepping the paints and the base so the picture will move when I'm done. Oh, and murals have taken as long as ten years to complete before." Jasmine said and put on her best begging face, "Please?"

"Alright. But only if you agree to keep James busy for a while." Lily bargained.

"You drive a hard bargain, but alright. I will keep James busy for a while." Jasmine said and the two girls sat down next to the lake.

"Now that that's out of the way, what were you thinking of doing your mural on?"

"Not sure. I was thinking of the history of Hogwarts, but that seems to general. Any generation could have done it. I want to do something about the here and now, something that tells the future who we are."

"Well what's going on now?"

"The only thing I can think of is the war against the Death Eaters."

"So paint that. Show how we manage to have fun and stay lose despite the fact that our world's in chaos."

"I like that. Thanks Lily."

"Any time. So, I'll just come to your studio when you know what and where your doing this?"

"Yup." Jasmine agreed and pulled her sketch pad out of her bag.

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