The Split Personality of Abby Green

Abby Green is a shy Ravenclaw, picked on by the four Gryffindor pranksters of the Marauders era. Jasmine Fire is Ravenclaw's resident rebel artist. She's never seen away from her studio, the empty classroom where she spends her free time. Both girls have had confrontations with the four boys, and both have something to hide.


1. He Found Me

Blonde Ravenclaw fifth year Abby Green walked into the great hall for breakfast, her blue eyes flashing back and fourth, scanning the other students. She clutched her books closer to her chest and walked between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables, looking for a seat.

"Well, lookie here. If it isn't our favorite nerd." Abby froze, her heart racing with fear of the voice behind her. She heard benches scrape on the floor behind her and four sets of feet walked up till they all stood in front of her, lead by Sirius Black and James Potter.

"Morning Black. Potter." Abby said, staring intently on her books.

"You got the homework we asked for?" Sirius asked and Abby nodded, grabbing a stack of parchment out of her bag.

"Everything's there." She said softly and James snatched the papers out of her hands.

"Perfect, we'll find you later to drop off tonight's." James said and the four walked by, leaving her standing in the isle. She sighed and hurried to her seat. About halfway there, her bag split and she looked back to see the Marauders laughing, Peter putting his wand away. Abby sighed and picked up the change of cloths, scattered papers, and notebook that had fallen to the floor. It was gonna be a hard day.


Jasmine Fire pulled her dark hair with the blonde ends into a messy bun and set a new canvas on the easel. She flicked her wand at the old record player and it started playing, blasting music into the empty classroom she used as her studio.  Sticking her wand into her bun, she selected bottles of blue and bronze paint, her green eyes blazing as she started mixing them.

"And that there is the stuff to make a masterpiece." She said proudly after pouring the paints into the balloons of the same colors she had made the night before. She tacked the paint filled balloons to the top of the canvas and moved the easel to the corner of the room with plastic sheets covering the walls and floors. She grabbed a stack of darts and threw them at the balloons, popping them one by one and spilling the Ravenclaw colors down the canvas.  

"Perfectly imperfect." Jasmine declared and danced over to the canvas.

"Exaresco." She said and pulled her wand out of her hair and waved it at the wet paint. The paint dried and she plucked it off the easel, placing it against the wall by the do

or with a few other paintings. She mumbled a cleaning charm and flicked her wand back in the direction of the messy plastic corner.

Jasmine, paused, and stopped the record, the music stopping instantly. Almost immediately, another knock sounded at the door. She walked over and pulled it open, surprised to see James Potter standing there, his arms loaded with papers.

"Oh, what do you want?" She grumbled and turned back into her studio, grabbing a pre-drawn canvas from a stack by where the easel had originally stood.

"I was looking for Abby Green. Is she in here?" He asked and Jasmine shook her head.

"Dang, must have been a glitch in the map." He muttered and Jasmine ignored him, choosing instead to start working on a painting of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. 

"If I knew where she was, I wouldn't tell you anyway." Jasmine said loudly over the music that had just started up again.

"Why not?" He asked and Jasmine rolled her eyes and turned off the music.

"Let's just say there's a reason I've never done anything for Gryffindor." She said and started to turn back.

"Did you paint this?" James asked holding up the balloon splatter paint piece she had just finished.

"Yeah, why?" She flicked a stray piece of hair out of her face, and gently pulled the art from James's hands.

"It's amazing." He said.

"Thanks. If you don't mind, I don't usually let other's handle my work this soon after finishing it." She said and pushed James out the door, handing him the stack of papers he had set on her desk.

"If you see Abby, can you tell her I was looking for her? She said she'd help me with my homework." He said. Jasmine stared at him, deciding weather or not to betray her other half.  

"She and I don't exactly see a lot of each other," She started to explain, and James glared down at the stack of papers, "But, I do know that she's dropping off a sketch to professor Slughorn for me on her way to her extra potions class. If you hurry, you might be able to catch her." She said and James gave her a fake smile.

"Thanks!" He said and turned to go.

"By the way, us Ravenclaw's have some excellent ties to some of the teachers, and there's a few Slytherin's that owe me favors. If I find out you did anything to her, like say dump this weeks homework on her, I might be inclined to get you and your Marauder friends into some serious trouble." She warned and she saw the color drain from his ears and neck and new she had him.


Jasmine walked over to the lone mirror in the studio and watched as her features changed from those of artistic rebel Jasmine back to those of shy pushover Abby. She watched as her blonde ends bleed until the rest of her hair matched and curled. She watched as her eyes faded from emerald green to pale blue and as freckles started appearing on her cheeks. Turning away from the mirror as Abby, she marched into the classroom supply closet and marched back out moments later, her paint splattered jeans and white t-shirt in her patched book bag with her notes and sketchpad. She was now dressed again in her uniform, a blue headband with a bronze eagle holding back her blonde locks.

Abby picked up her books and the sketch 'Jasmine' had done for Professor Slughorn and walked hurriedly down to the dungeon classroom.

"Hey Green!" the voice she dreaded froze her in her tracks, hand reaching out to grasp the handle of the door to Slughorn's office. James marched up and slapped the pile of homework on top of  the books she was carrying, making her drop the entire stack.

"I'll see you in the morning to pick it up." He sneered and Abby took a deep breath, not sure if she should, or even could, stand up to her tormenter.

"If you need help with your homework, some of the seventh year Ravenclaws have study groups in the library on Wednesday evenings." She said softly and James didn't respond, choosing instead to pick up a charm bracelet that had been sitting on her books.

"Thanks for the donation, Green. I'm sure Lily will love this!" He said and walked away. Abby bent over and started picking up her books.

"Is this yours?" Abby looked up to see Lily Evens, one of the other students taking the extra potions class with Slughorn holding her sketch book.

"Um yeah, thanks." Abby muttered and took the book back from Lily, and picking up the last of the papers.

"If he was bothering you, I can get him to stop." Lily offered and Abby shook her head.

"No, thank you though. Most of the school already thinks I can't fight my own battles." She said meekly and Lily nodded.

"No, I get it, but seriously, he'll do anything I say." Lily said and Abby cracked a smile, following Lily into the office.

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