The Split Personality of Abby Green

Abby Green is a shy Ravenclaw, picked on by the four Gryffindor pranksters of the Marauders era. Jasmine Fire is Ravenclaw's resident rebel artist. She's never seen away from her studio, the empty classroom where she spends her free time. Both girls have had confrontations with the four boys, and both have something to hide.


2. Changing my Life

The next few weeks continued as normal: Abby would drop off the Marauders homework at breakfast, go through her classes, spend every free period as Jasmine, James would come by after classes, mutter something about a faulty map  and would go find Abby later to drop off the homework for that night. Christmas break changed everything.

"Abby, We need to discuss your plans for the holidays." Flitwick said two days before the students would be returning home for Christmas.

"Um, alright. Is there a problem?" She asked, following him into his office, and sitting down.

"Yes. You said you would be returning home." He said and Abby was confused.

"Yeah so?"

"You also said to inform your teachers that you would be staying there." He said and Abby shrugged.

"I talked to my parents and I've decided to change somethings." She tried to explain.

"Like what? What could persuade you to drop out of school?" Flitwick asked.

"Jasmine. Well, and the Marauders, but mostly Jasmine." She said.

"Those pesky Gryffindor boys and the mystery artist convinced you to drop out?"

"Yes. No. Kinda. I'm not dropping out, but I'm- it's hard to explain." She grumbled and put her head in her hands.

"Would you mind trying?" He asked.

"It's really nothing to be worried about. I'm spending the next few years abroad is all." She started. "It was either go with them, or stay here for the summers as well. I thought it would be nice to experience other cultures." she invented

"Alright. Hope you have fun. Don't shirk your studies or you'll have a hard time getting a job."

"I know. Thank you sir. I'll be in Ravenclaw Tower if anything else comes up." She said and hurried out of the office.

"Oi! Green!" James Potter's voice rang through the hall and Abby stopped, counting the sets of feet running up to her. This time there was only one.

"Two things. One: Lily hated the bracelet, you have horrible taste in jewelry. Two: Do you know who the Ravenclaw girl is with the dark hair that's lighter at the bottom?" James said.

"Um... the bracelet was a gift, and you'll have to be more specific as to which girl." Abby said shyly.

"She has green eyes, and is a Ravenclaw. I think she likes art, every time I've seen her she's just finished another painting, or is just starting one. The one or two times I've seen her out of that classroom, she's had her sketchbook out drawing." James started ranting.

"Jasmine. Her name's Jasmine Fire." Abby said softly, making James stop his description.


"The girl with the cool hair and green eyes that likes art. Her name is Jasmine. Like you said, she's usually in her studio, but she's going home for Christmas," James's face fell, "But she's got a TON of orders she has to drop off before the holiday's so I would look around the common rooms and the great hall." Abby said and James perked up.

"Thanks Abby!" James said and ran off.

"If only he knew." Abby muttered and shook her head and made her way to the third floor. She did have a lot of orders to deliver.


Jasmine picked up the magically extended bag with all her art orders in it and left the room, locking it behind her. She flicked her wand at the sign someone had hung on the doorknob for her and the words changed from 'Come in' to 'gone out.' Jasmine smiled and walked to the Great Hall.

"Hey Jasmine! Do you have the picture for my sister?" A spunky Slytherin girl with black hair asked, bouncing up to her.

"Yeah. Yours was the one of you and her with the snake border on wood. Right?"

"Yeah." The girl said and Jasmine pulled the piece out of her bag and handed it to the girl.

"Thank you so much! Della will love this!!" The girl smiled and skipped away, holding the present for her sister.

Jasmine passed out the rest of the Great Hall deliveries and started making her way to the Gryffindor common room.

"Hey Black!" She yelled to catch the boys attention as he came out through the the portrait hole, Peter and Remus close on his tail.

"Yeah?" They paused in the door way.

"I have an order for Lily. Could you tell her I'm out here?" She asked and Remus called over his shoulder for the red head.

"Hi, you must be Lily." Jasmine said once the boys had left.

"Yeah. I don't mean to sound rude, but who are you?" Lily asked.

"I'm Jasmine. Someone asked me to make this for you." Jasmine handed her a mini 3 X 5 canvas in a matching easel. A lily painted on it surrounded by all the Hogwarts mascots.

"Oh. Thanks! Who sent it?" Lily asked admiring the picture.

"Someone who you helped and wanted to return the favor." Jasmine said and Lily thanked her again before returning to her common room. Jasmine sighed and walked back to her studio. The door was cracked open, so Jasmine drew her wand and pushed it the rest of the way open. No one was inside, but a vase of roses sat on a clear section of desk.

Jasmine put her wand back in her pocket and walked over and pulled the included card out of the flowers.

"Dear Jasmine," it read, "I'm not exactly good at this, but I think your really pretty and talented. Hope you like the flowers, I wasn't sure which kind were your favorite. Anyway, hope to see you around. Your secret admirer."

Jasmine finished reading the note and looked at the flowers.

"James." She sighed, knowing who had sent them. She dropped her bag against her desk, deciding to move the flowers to the closet instead of leaving them on her desk. While in there, she changed back into Abby, and returned to Ravenclaw tower.


Abby sat alone in a compartment on the Hogwarts express, her pencil bag open beside her and her sketchbook open in her lap. She started drawing as the train started moving and the door opened. Abby looked up and saw one of the other Ravenclaw girls standing there.

"Hey. Mind if I join you?" The girl asked and Abby shook her head, "I'm Sadie, Sadie Powell." The girl sat down and introduced herself.  

"Abby Green." Abby said and added a few more details to her picture.

"That looks like one of those Gryffindor boys who're always running around making mischief." Sadie said looking over her shoulder at the picture.

"I didn't notice." Abby said.

"Which one do you think it is?" Sadie asked and Abby shrugged.

"I don't care. Which one do you think it should be."

"Ummm..." Sadie was cut off as the boys they had been discussing opened the door to their compartment.

"Didn't realize the green bean had friends!" James said to Sirius.

"You know what? I decided it looks more like that cute Hufflepuff Seventh year." Sadie said angrily.

"I agree." Abby said and erased a few things and replaced them to look like the Hufflepuff in question.

"That's better. Can I have it?" Sadie said and Abby ripped out the page and handed it to her.

"That used to be the spitting image of me. Though who could blame her. I am rather stunning!" Sirius said, striking a pose.

"Yeah sure Sirius. That's probably why she changed it!" James shot back.

"Whatever." Sadie shoved them back out into the corridor and locked the door, "Now, who was it really gonna be?"

"James. I didn't even realize I was drawing him. That's normal right?"

"Only for some." Sadie teased, "I'm kidding. I was reading a muggle article on this a while ago for a Muggle Studies project. It said that your mind can't create faces. Your subconscious was just putting forward one you've seen a lot of." Sadie explained.

"We did have a few classes together. It's probably nothing." Abby said and started drawing a jazzed up version of the Ravenclaw crest. Sadie pulled out a book and the trip went on in relative silence.


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