Mr. Not So Perfect

I used to think he held the world in his hands, the only one that could possibly live up to my standards and prove that not all guys had to be the same. That was until reality hit me in the face like a frat train. Not everyone is as perfect as they appear and I guess Mr. Perfect, isn't so perfect after all.


4. Chapter 4

        I slowly walked toward the restroom. I had never known Ashton to be that flirty or, out going. I guess it might be a nervous breakdown mechanism to keep himself together or, something.

        I made it into the far stall of the bathroom and put the top part of the seat down to sit with no distractions. Honestly, I just wanted this day to be over with. " Alexi Honey, are you alright?" My mom happily chirped from the other side of the stall.

        "Yeah mom, I'm fine." I stated, feeling anything but fine. I hated having to sit in a room with my sister and the guy that I've liked forever and pretend like everything is okay.

         I could here her sigh from the other side of the door. " Ashon's the guy, isn't he?" She asked plainly and I could see the silhouette of her body leaning against the wall.

         I opened the stall slowly and walked toward the sink to wash my hands. "Even if he was, why would it matter?" I asked, sadness clearly evident in my voice even though I was trying my best to pull it together.

          "When I was your age me, and your aunt Darcy had the same problem." My mom stated like it wasn't a big deal.

          " What happened?" I asked curiously.

           She smiled at me preparing her speech. " Aunt Darcy was dating a guy that I had liked for a long time, and they were physically compatible but, not mentally compatible. Sure he was a jock and she was a cheerleader but, other than that, they weren't right together. I spent forever trying to break them up but, eventually I just gave up." She stated smiling widely at me.

           " So... you loved this guy and you just gave up." I asked completely confused. One just doesn't give up on someone they love. It just doesn't happen.

            "Yes honey, sometimes you have to make them realize what they are missing." She stated nonchalantly. I was so confused. It was like she was speaking in codes or, something. That's what I hated about my mom. She never just came out and said anything. She liked to divert for as long as possible.

            "How did it end?" I asked impatiently.

            "He left my sister and came to me. My sister was angry for a while but, she got over it. We got married 4 years later settled down and had 2 beautiful daughters." My mouth dropped open. "I gave up physically but, never emotionally my dear. When you can shut off the physical, the emotions might kill you but, at least you can hide them inside. I never really gave up. I couldn't. "

            I smiled widely at her. "Nice talk mom. I think I'm ready to go back out."

           " I'm glad to here it." She said pinging my nose teasingly causing me to go red. "Why so red my dear? Was it something I did?" Great now comes the torture of waiting, my favorite part.

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