Mr. Not So Perfect

I used to think he held the world in his hands, the only one that could possibly live up to my standards and prove that not all guys had to be the same. That was until reality hit me in the face like a frat train. Not everyone is as perfect as they appear and I guess Mr. Perfect, isn't so perfect after all.


3. Chapter 3

          We arrived at breadsticks, and took our seats at a small circular table with Elany, and I sitting on either side of Ashton. " So, what do you do for fun?" My dad directed toward Ashton making him tense in his seat a bit. I watched as he took a deep breathe to calm himself.

          " I really enjoy playing Football." He said smiling widely. " I also, play the drums, piano, guitar, and saxophone." He looked over at me and winked. " I was a huge band geek until year nine. I miss it a lot."

           I smiled at him widely. " You could always join us after football seasons over." I stated, and a wide smile spread across his face. " We're always looking for new members."

           " Are you serious?" He asked excitedly grabbing onto my shoulders. I just nodded my head at him. The proximity between us was so small, I could hardly breathe. " I'm so happy I could kiss you." He stated before turning my head and kissing my cheek. "You honestly don't know how much this means to me."

          I just sat there a bit shocked for a second looking at my sneakers. " It's nothing really." I stated tilting my head to look at him from the corner of my eye.

          " No, it's everything." He said, starring into my eyes for what felt like a long time.

          My sister cleared her throat and, Ashton quickly looked away from me, focusing all of his attention back on her. " Ashton, why don't you tell everyone what you plan to  do after you graduate next year?"

           He smiled widely grabbing her hand and kissing her knuckles softly, causing me to cover my mouth to prevent from the vomit that had crept its way up my esophagus. " I plan on being an English teacher." He stated flashing a smile toward my parents.

           " Interesting," Mom said smiling toward me and my eyes went big. " Alexi is prepping herself for that as well. It's odd how you two have so many things in common, it's unnerving." I blushed a bit but, tried to hide it by taking a drink of my pop.

             Ashton smirked at me and bopped his finger off the edge of my nose. " Yeah," He said taking a sip of his chocolate milk. " It's just too bad that we didn't meet sooner. I have a feeling things would be very different."

             "Meaning?" My Elany said, drumming her fingers off the table impatiently. You could tell that seeing Ashton and I getting on so well with each other was really bothering her, and I soaked up this reaction as I triumphed over my tiny victory,

              " Meaning we'd be great friends." Ashton stated slowly as if he was spelling out a word for the first time to a toddler. " For a second it sounded like you were jealous of your own sister. " He backed his chair up toward me and snaked his arm around my neck grabbing my head and kissing me on the temple. " Maybe you should be." He joked and then moved his chair back.

             My mom started laughing hysterically at both Elany, and I's reactions. Seriously, parents really suck sometimes. I backed my seat way from the table and took the napkin off my lap setting it beside my have eaten plate at the table. " And where are you off to?" My mom questioned looking at my plate.

            " I have to use the restroom." I stated quickly walking off.

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