Mr. Not So Perfect

I used to think he held the world in his hands, the only one that could possibly live up to my standards and prove that not all guys had to be the same. That was until reality hit me in the face like a frat train. Not everyone is as perfect as they appear and I guess Mr. Perfect, isn't so perfect after all.


2. Chapter 2

            It's not everyday that you find out the guy you've been crushing on since freshman year is dating your older, slightly more attractive sister. I guess I should have saw it coming, she had been asking me questions about him for weeks. She knew that I liked him and yet, she still decided to go behind my back and date him. What a great sister.( Note the sarcasm)

          I walked through the front door of my house into the clean freshly waxed marble floored foyer that my Mother insisted on installing while building this god awful house, and slammed the door roughly behind me. " Alexi?" I heard my Mom's voice questioning anxiously from the other room, and I just ignored it. I didn't want to be around society at the moment, let alone come face to face with the person who is purposefully putting me through misery.

         I got to my room, and through my bag down roughly on the floor, pulling the blankets down on my well made bed, and jumping in. I closed my eyes tightly attempting to fall asleep. Dreams seem to have a way of making pain slip away. They take you to another place where you don't have to worry about regular life problems, and you can finally relax.

         I was about to drift off when I heard the nob twist slowly on my door. " You need to talk?" My Mom asked genuinely closing the door gently behind her, and sitting down beside me on the bed.

         I looked at her, and sighed heavily, shaking my head 'no'. What was I going to tell her, I'm in love with my sister's boyfriend and, I can't do anything about it because, she's my fucking sister. Yeah...NO!

        She smiled down at me, and laughed at my expression. "I was 16 at one point too Lex. You having some boy trouble?" She asked knowingly. I hated that she could read me like an open book but, she is my mother, I guess that's what she's for.

         " You have no idea." I let out in exhausted anguish, sitting up so that I was facing her.

           Her smile faded to a sympathy pout as she rubbed my back supporting. " Oh Sweetie," She cooed softly. " Try me, you know I'm good at listening." She said making herself comfortable on my bed.

          " Well, there's this boy." I whispered softly feeling the pain welling up in my soul. " He's really everything that a girl could possibly ask for but, recently I found out that he was dating someone that I know." I said feeling completely betrayed thinking about my sister.

         She stood up from my bed slowly. " If it's meant' to be, then he will realize what he's missing, and be with you someday." She stated, and I knew she was true. She walked toward my bedroom door and turned around for a quick second saying. " Go clean yourself up. El's new boyfriend Ashton is here, and we have reservations in an hour at breadsticks." I gave her a thumbs up, and watched her escape through the door.

        I ripped the covers off my body, and dragged myself lazily toward my closet to find something to wear. Normally I couldn't care less what I looked like but, this is Ashton we're talking about. After a five minute debate considering I own all of three casual dinner dresses, I decided on a blue dress with white polka dots, and quickly paired it with a pair of white flats. In twenty minutes I was ready, and walked down the stairs to meet my impending doom.


                    My sister's mouth dropped when she saw me from the corner of her eye. " Well, doesn't someone look classy for once!" She stated excitedly clapping her hands together. " Finally embracing your feminine mature?" She teased.

                 " Nope," I said nonchalantly. " just want to make a lovely first impression on your new man. Mom told me you have a new boyfriend, Ashton is it?" I fake smiled while I fought the erge to lace every word with a thick cloud of sarcasm. Her smile faded immediately and I could see that she knew she had been caught.

               Her mouth moved for a quick second then closed again. " Yeah, he's in the other room..." She said trailing off awkwardly.

               " You're skins looking a bit shiny sis." I stated, knowing that I had given her a one way ticket on the guilt train " Something making you sweaty, guilt possibly?" I asked, and she shifted her shoulders uncomfortably raising her chin to make her look taller.

                " Why would I feel guilty?" She asked sending a nervous laugh at the end causing me to smile crookedly at her.

                " I don't know, you tell me." I stated pushing her forward causing her face to turn a light shade of pink. "Are you not going to introduce me to your man?" I asked pushing on.

               " Of coarse." She attempted to smile. " Ashton." She called cheerfully, and he happily stuck his head around the corner from the next room.

                " Yes Babe." His goofy child like smile perfectly sculpted onto his face.

                 She grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him swiftly into the room. " I'd like you to meet my sister." Ashton looked at me and a wide smile lit up across his face.

                 " Hi, I'm Alexi." I stated shyly holding out my hand for him to shake, and he just looked at it funny.

                " I know who you are." He stated happily, making me a bit more nervous than I already was. " You were in my bio class last semester, and you're in my religion class this semester. Plus, you're sax skills are pretty dope. It's just nice to finally speak with you." He winked, and I went red. " I'm a hugger." He stated slapping my hand down, and wrapping his arms tightly around my waist for a brief second. I felt my sisters eyes barrowing into my salty soul as I savored the hug. I couldn't process everything that was happening. I soaked in the smell of his cologne and, sighed slightly when he let me go.

                " It's nice to talk to you too." I smiled calmly at him. " I'm quite shy, I'm sorry." I stated, looking up from under my lashes, and he tilted his head to the side.

                " It's all good. No need to apologize." He said slowly coiling his arm around Elany's waist.

               I crossed one leg over the other awkwardly, and turned to face my Mom who had some what of a cheesy smile plastered across her face. " Are we off to dinner then?" I asked impatiently. I don't think I could stand watching another moment of his arm so natural placed around her toned frame before I completely lost my shit. " I'm really hungry."  

              " Yes Lex." My Mom stated like I was a five year old in a candy store. " If your father would hurry up. George" She screamed loudly, and I felt as if the house was about to fall down.

              " I'll be down in a minute Rosa." He hollered back, and then the thumping of his feet fell onto the stairs. He quickly rounded the corner fidgeting with his tie. " and so, we are off." he stated turning around and heading toward the front door. So, the war begins Sis. May the best woman win.


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