Mr. Not So Perfect

I used to think he held the world in his hands, the only one that could possibly live up to my standards and prove that not all guys had to be the same. That was until reality hit me in the face like a frat train. Not everyone is as perfect as they appear and I guess Mr. Perfect, isn't so perfect after all.


1. Chapter 1

          Religion class, the utmost useless, boring class of my average day. It was really pointless to learn about God when you really didn't believe in him. I, Alexi Rose Johnson, preachers daughter, forced into a religion that I couldn't care less about, sitting in a god damned religion class, listening to a seventy year old retired substitute forcefully shoving bible quotes down peoples throats. Of coarse, making everyone feel like a worthless piece of shit for not faithfully subduing themselves to the painful torture of sitting in a church for two hours every Sunday. Gee, you just gotta love the wonderful set up of our unflawed education system. 

        " Miss Johnson." I heard the old man say crisply, and I shook my head to focus on him. " Your father is a preacher, surely you have some say in the matter." He stated expecting me to continue along with his tangent about going to hell for not going to church.

         I smiled politely at him, not wanting to get on his bad side. " With all do respect Mr. Hasher." I sweetly cooed in his direct. " My father has taught me never to judge a persons decisions or, path. If they choose not to attend church, that is their decision, and it is not our job to judge. I believe in the bible it states that God is the only one with the ability to both condemn, and purify those of sin. Thus, being of the human sort, we really don't have a say in the matter, and if we thought we did, that would be playing God, which by Christian tradition would in return be a sin." I smiled broadly at him and watched his face go stark white as he attempted to find words to counter but, not a single one came out.

       " Good point Miss Johnson." He manage to croak out after about a minute of blank starring. Being taught about the bible my entire life has made it simple for me to counter even the most head strong of the Christian faith. " For the rest of the period, just work on this word search that your teacher left for you. I think I've talked enough for today." I mentally cheered knowing that I had won the battle. I got up and grabbed a sheet from the front desk for my table buddy Kirsten and I.

        " That was straight up gas chamber level torture." She stated grabbing the page swiftly from my hands.

        I sat down quickly laughing a bit at her dark humour. " I entirely agree. I may be a preachers daughter but, that doesn't make me religious." She nodded her head at me and I continued. " The most rebellious children happen to be those of a strict religious community."

       She smiled at me widely and I knew exactly where she was going with all this. " Have you managed to see Ashton Irwin lately?" she coaxed out in a rhythmic manner.

       " No, not really." I sighed in disappointment. Ashton Irwin was the guy that every girl wanted yet, the one that was almost impossible to pin down. He came across as genuine, nice, relatable, and even a bit shy at times but, he never failed to be a gentleman or, at least that's what I thought. " What's the latest news on that situation?" I asked playing with my pencil trying to act like I wasn't just another girl druelling over him.

       She smiled slightly at me and said. " I heard he's dating your sister, Elany." My mouth went dry and, I looked over at her to see if there was any sign of possible amusement in her eyes. Nothing.

       " You've gotta be fucking kidding me." I whisper screamed in her direction. Why was I surprised? I mean, my sister is on the cheer team, and Ashton's on the football team. It's just the way life works I guess. It was silly for me to possibly think that one day, he would see me playing my Alto sax in the bleachers, and fall in love with me. Just another one of my silly day dreams blocking out the painful truth of my reality.

       She opened her Instagram quickly and brought up a picture that had been taken two days prior. The caption said " With the BAE for a nice walk on the beach before the sun finally goes down <3' and, the picture was of her and Ashton kissing while the sun was setting beautifully in the background. " Nope, not kidding." She stated, and I practically vomited in my mouth.

        I ran my hand over my French braided hair and looked over at her sadly. " This is horrible." I stated, practically on the verge of tears.

       " Think of it this way." Kirsten stated happily clapping her hands together. " You'll be seeing a lot more of Ashton since he is having a momentary shortage of the brain. Maybe, you have a chance." She winked and, the bell rang signalling for us all to leave. We said our goodbyes and parted separate ways to our next classes. Even if Ashton was having a ' momentary shortage of the brain.' as Kirsten put it, there is no way in hell I ever have a chance with him anyway. People like him don't belong with people like me.  

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