Dark winter forest

WE WALKS TOWARDS ME SLOW SMILING WIDE AS HE MOVES CLOSER TO ME If you have read th need series you would know what it's about


1. Move

In Maine it's cold and it is colder then a freezer but not as cold as Antarctica but it's still cold and I will be living there with my aunt Shelley and she is pretty cool from what I remember from the last time I stayed with her, I love her and after the death of my stepfather my mum arranged for me to live with my stepfather's sister (my aunt Shelley) so I am on the plane flying to Maine and I wish that I am not going to Maine but I have to mum's orders and I sit next to a tall dark haired man and he is wearing a suit and he says"You look terrible what's wrong?"







"I have been shipped off to Maine to live how are you?"

"Good thanks and you?"

"I'm okay I guess,"

then he doesn't talk to me after that and he goes back reading his newspaper and drinking coffee and then I read my own book Interview with the vampire by Anna Rice which is good and I love mythical creatures but I haven't seen or met any yet which is sad but I will we land and getting off the plane and finding Aunt Shelley is all a blur but I do so she start to drive us both to her house and we have a conversation about anything and everything but nothing interesting though we get to her house and there is a extra car there and she says 




"it's for you it was your dad's,"

"I don't deserve this,"

"You do and I can't be driving you everyday so you kinda have to put up with it,"

"But I don't deserve it,"

"Just say thanks and be done with it,"

"Thanks but I still don't deserve it,"

She just hugs me and grabs my bags, goes inside and says 

"Are you coming or not?" I don't answer her I just walk in the house and she puts my bags away and starts to make dinner 


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