Beach Curls


2. Chapter 1

"Flight 291, last boarding call, flight 291 final boarding call!" The flight attendants voice rang out through the airport. I rushed to get on the plane.

"You're cutting it close Miss Andrews," the flight attendant said.

"Sorry," I muttered.

I was leaving my mom and all my friends in California for some unknown place in Maine. Why was I leaving? I don't know. My mom said it would be good for an adventure. My dad and I don't get along anyway.

I was enrolled to a prep school, it's like the one I went to in California. MPS, Maine Prep Schools, is where I was going.

Nothing's been the same since mom and dad divorced. I thought we'd always be the perfect family but I guess not. My older brother Ben is off who knows where and my older sister Cleo is studying abroad in Egypt, how ironic.

The plane landed a some hours later, I slept a lot while flying. But when I wasn't sleeping I was listening to music. Classical music.

People misunderstand me. They think I'm a prissy stupid girl who always has to have the best of the best. But I'm not. I'm just a normal girl, who's really smart and loves music. I would be in the music program at school but my mom wouldn't let me. We had to "maintain an image that music would destroy." Dad wanted me in the program. But maybe now that I'm moving to Maine I'll be in band. I can play the violin, viola, cello, and the flute.

I snatch my carry-on before I got off the plane. I made sure everything was still in there, my laptop, headphones, small pillow, phone charger, and books. Everything was still there, good.

I walked off the plane and saw my dad.

"Come on Marissa. Hurry up," my dad said. I grabbed my bag from the luggage thingy and walked after my dad.

As I followed him out to the car he started talking.

"School starts on Monday, you're not to be in the house on Tuesdays from 5 to 10pm, you've been enrolled in the music program for the cello, your bedroom has been set up already, and your schedule and school stuff is in there too. My girlfriend is home right now and she's dying to meet you."

"Girlfriend? Since when?"

"Month and a half, her name is Chelsea."

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