The Wizard of Wonderland

This is a story I was inspired to write after thinking of a video game that'd be fun to play. A puzzle, mystery and action and adventure game.


2. Not from this world are you?

When she opened her eyes it was daylight, and what a beautiful sight was that sunrise! It was blinding. So blinding she had to look away. 

"You're awake?" a soothing old voice calls.

Below her an old woman looked up and smiled.

Dorothy opened her mouth to speak only for nothing to come out of her mouth. 

"Lost your voice have you?" 

Blinking frantically she tries to remember the cause of her losing her voice only to find that she can remember nothing. Her mind was a complete blank.

"I'll come back with some scissors." The old woman says. 

Scissors? Dorothy glances at the vines that bound her by the wrist and legs to a tall tree that stood in the center of a forest ring. It was taller than all of the trees surrounding her and she could see miles and miles beyond. She could see towns and houses, roads and plowed fields and she could see the old woman making her way to her car below but why was she so high up? How did she get this high? She wanted to get down and upon thinking so the vines released her. She falls to the ground at a frightening and in a split second is cushioned by a pillow of vines formed beneath her.

Curious she watches the vines return to wrap themselves around the tree, they weren't just ordinary vines there were all sorts of colors and textures. Some of the vines stayed behind, they split themselves apart and wove themselves into something similar to fabric, like a snake it slithered up to her naked body and wrapped itself around her chest and thighs.

"Oh." The old woman returns with a pair of hedge clippers only to find them unnecessary. 

"Are you Sarvan?" She asks wide eyed upon seeing the girl's ear lobes which Dorothy could not see. She shrugs. 

For some reason the woman seems to find her reaction amusing.

"You should come live with me." She says as she wipes away a tear. 

Dorothy freezes.

"What's the matter?" The woman asks.

It's not that anything was wrong it was just what she had said.  

"Is it because you don't know who I am?" 

Dorothy shakes her head.

"My name is Cleode. What's your name?"

Dorothy frowns.

"Ah that's right you can't speak, can you write?"

She nods and the old woman seems a bit relieved.

"You know I've been watching you sleep for quite some feels like it's been centuries...well, perhaps it has been." 

Dorothy cocks her head at her. Was this old woman senile?

"Ha-HA! You don't look like you believe me, you're not from this world are you?"

Dorothy cocks her head even further. 

"Haha! Stop! You look like my dog, Crazy!"

The two hop in her car and drive away from the colorful woods. Cleode does most of the talking and Dorothy listens to the old woman complain about her husband. She couldn't put her finger on it but she felt so at ease with this women, even though they just met she trusted this woman more than she trusted herself. Strange, it was a strange feeling but the child would soon learn to accept it.

They drove for quite some time, Dorothy recognized the towns they passed through from the trees but as they continued on she began to wonder just how far the old woman lived. If only she could ask! 

"Here we are!" The old woman announces finally as they approached an old manor that stood alone in a forest. 

Pearl white gates open before them and Dorothy suddenly began to feel as if she had just stepped into a fantasy world as the manor felt like it'd explode fairies out of those two double doors any second. 

Cleode parks the car and shoots Dorothy a smile.

Dorothy gets out the car and quickly follows Cleode who was already making her way out. She didn't have the time to notice the strange features of the house until they entered the livingroom. All rooms had high ceilings and felt gargantuan which was strange considering the house didn't look that huge on the outside. 


Cleode calls for her husband most likely and soon enough they find an old man seated before a table in a library.

"You're back?" His yellow eyes lock onto Dorothy's and straightens. It was then Dorothy realized he was a bit tall.

"Who's this?"

"This is the child I was telling you about, remember?" The old woman frowns at her husband and the old man laughs his posture slumping as he relaxes.

"Ah, yes I remember." He eyes her. "So you plan on living here with us do you?" 

His question makes Dorothy feel conflicted and seeing this the man nods.

"If you're not sure that's fine." He says. "Just be sure to tell me soon so I don't get too attached."

The old woman whacks him, seeing the old couple interact reminds Dorothy of young children and she can't help but smile. 

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