Wind and Fire ~ A Kaze No Stigma Fanfiction

What would happen between Kazuma and the Kannagi Clan if Tsui-Ling survived? Kazuma saves Tsui-Ling and upon finding out she is the Water Contractor, they travel back to Japan.

Me no own Kaze No Stigma, so don't sue.


1. Demons and ....Weddings?

Kazuma's POV

Saving Tsui-Ling from the summoners put me in an almost bright mood that only got better after she accepted my marriage proposal, until two days before our wedding when we received a letter from the Japanese MPD asking for our assistance in their country. Apparently word had spread that Tsui-Ling and I were the Contractors of Water and Wind respectively.

"Kazuma, please, calm down," Tsui-Ling tried to calm me, "It'll be fine."

I snorted, "It will not be fine! You know why I avoid jobs in Japan like the plague." I sank down onto the couch behind me.

My fiance sat next to me with a gentle smile and ran her hand across my cheek, "I do know why and that's why it will be fine, because I know the hardships and betrayals you faced in that country. It will be fine, because I'll be there with you when you face them again."

"Thank you, Tsui-Ling," I offered her a small smile as she beamed at me.

"Now, banish those dark thoughts from your head and help me put the finishing touches on our wedding," my soon-to-be-wife ordered with a tone that brokered no argument.

I laughed. I would never admit it out loud, but I loved this part of Tsui-Ling. I loved how she could always make me laugh, even when my thoughts took a dark turn. Without her I would be lost as she was what kept me grounded and now she was about to be tied to me for eternity. To say I was happy would be an understatement.

I reined in my thoughts and followed my binder wielding fiance to the nearby church. If she had anything to say about it I would be quite busy for the rest of the afternoon.



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