17 and Stressed Out ~ Sequel to 16 and Pregnant

Mariana and Michael are back again but Engaged! Mariana has too much on her hands, College, Michael, Taylor, The wedding.Will it become way too much for her that she gives up? Find out in '17 and stressed out!'. **Sequel to 16 and Pregnant**


1. My Two Favorite Boys

Michael and I breathed Heavy.

"Holy Shit"He said.

"Yeah...Holy Shit"I said.

"That was amazing".

"Best we had since Taylor was born"I laughed.

"Speaking of Taylor, what time is it?".

I looked at my phone.1:45.

"We have another 15 minutes until we pick him up"I said.

"Good, I'm tired"He complained.

"You're always tired".

"Because you always wore me out".

I got up and put my clothes on.

"No! cuddle naked with me!"He yelled.

I covered his mouth.

"Shh We have neighbors!"I said laughing.

"Well than cuddle naked with me".

"No we have like 10 minutes until we pick him up so go get dressed".

He groaned and got up.He put on his clothes.We fixed our hair.He took my hat and put it on me.He grabbed the keys and left our apartment.He held my hand and we locked our door.We walked down the stairs and up to his car.We got in and drove to daycare.we got out the car and walked in.we walked up to the front desk.

"Hi!, I'm here to pick up Taylor Williams Clifford"I said.

"Mariana and Michael?"She asked.


"It's me! Aubrey White!"She says.

Michael's ex...

"Oh Hay Gurl!"Michael says.

"Hey! wow...I haven't seen you guys since we graduated".

"Yeah..."He said.

"So you guys have a kid?"She asked.

"Yeah, His name is Taylor"I said.

"Wow, oh you can go back if you want"She said.

We walked back.One of the girls took her spot and she walked back with us.Ruby was playing with Taylor.When Taylor saw us he jumped up and down in his seat.i smiled.

"Ohh Look Mommy and Daddy are here"Ruby said.

I walked over and crouched down.

"Hi Taylor!"i said excited.

He reached for me and i picked him up.

* * *

"Luke stop it!"I wined as i pushed the cart through the toy isle.

"What? You need this"He said, putting a nerf gun in the cart.

"I don't want my baby around guns!".

He groaned and took the gun out and put it back.

"I'm going to the food isle because that's what we actually need, Don't get too much toys".

I pushed the cart to the chip isle because Michael wants junk food.Fattie.I walked over to the Lays because those were his favorite.I picked up two flavors.Sour cream and cheddar and Potato.I showed them to Taylor.

"Which one do you think Daddy will like?"I asked.

He took took the sour cream and cheddar one and hugged it.I giggled and put the potato one back.

"That's cute"Someone said behind me.

I turned around and saw a man with a little girl.

"Thanks, It's just his instinct"I said.

"Oh i wasn't talking about him, I was talking about you"He said.

I blushed.

"Hi i'm Caspar"He said.

"Mariana"I said and we shook hands.

"Who's this little cutie?".

"This is My daughter Emma, What's his name?".

"His name is Taylor".

"How old is he?".

"Six months, What about Emma?".

"Seven Months".

"Hey Mariana!"I heard someone yell.

I turned around and saw Michael walking to me.He walked over here.

"Your mom called and said she wants us to come to dinner tonight"He said.

"Why didn't she just call me?"I asked.

"Because you left your phone in the car".

"Oh right!".

"Yeah, But Luke really wants the nerf gun".

"I told him i don't want guns around my baby".

"It's not like Luke lives with us, He can get it and hide it from Taylor".

"Okay fine, Get 5 because we're having a nerf war when Taylor goes to sleep".

"Who's this?"He asked, looking at Caspar.

"Oh Michael this is Caspar and his daughter Emma, Caspar this is My Fiance Michael".

"I know, Huge fan by the way!"he said.


Luke, Calum, and Ashton came back with 5 nerf guns and with Some food And beverages.

"What is this?"I laughed.

"The stuff for the apartment"Luke said.

"Okay than".

* * *

"Calum why would you do that!"I yelled.

"Because i thought it would be funny"He said.

Taylor screamed louder.I picked him up and bounced him up and down.

"You don't put a nerf gun to a baby's head Cal!"Michael said.

Taylor screamed louder.I rubbed his head as i bounced him.

"Shh Shh"I whispered.

He began to calm down.one of the guns went off and shot right past me.Taylor screamed.

"I can't do this!"I said then handed Michael Taylor and went to the bathroom.

I locked the door and slid down it.I cried.Just cried.I can't take it anymore.Taylor is too much to handle, it's like Michael doesn't even take care of him, just me.He's always at practice or hanging out with the guys or even just with me, Never Taylor.I heard someone come in through the front door.After a few minutes i heard Taylor calm down.I just kept on crying. I'm just done with everything, Life itself.I opened the drawer and took out a razor blade.I put it near my wrist.Someone knocked on the bathroom door.I threw it back in the drawer and closed it.

"Who is it?"I asked.

"It's Michael, Your friend Caspar live here and he helped out with Taylor".


He sighed.

"Can you please come out?"he asked.

"I don't want to".

"Please, I miss you and i'm sorry i'm not involved with Taylor more often, I will though, I promise".

I got up and opened the door.

"Fine"I smiled.

We hugged.

"I love you..."He said.

"I love you, too".

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