17 and Stressed Out ~ Sequel to 16 and Pregnant

Mariana and Michael are back again but Engaged! Mariana has too much on her hands, College, Michael, Taylor, The wedding.Will it become way too much for her that she gives up? Find out in '17 and stressed out!'. **Sequel to 16 and Pregnant**


2. My Mommies!!

* * *

The door opened.

"Hi!!!"Mom said and hugged me.

"Hi mom"I said smiling.

"Come on in!"She said.

We walked in.

"Hi!!!"Mama greeted hugging me.

I hugged back.We pulled away.

"Wow your hair!"She said, touching it.

"Yeah Michael re-dyed it".

"Wow, You think you can do my friends?, She wants to dye it but she doesn't know who to dye it".

"Yeah, I'll do it"He said.


I smiled.

"Oh where's Jesus?"I asked.

"He's upstairs".

I walked past them and upstairs.I walked to Jesus's room and opened it.I saw him with a girl.

"Woah!"I yelled then shut the door.

A couple minutes later he came out the room fully dressed.

"What the hell!?! I have a red sock on the door!"He whisper yelled.

"What are you doing having sex? Did you see what happened to me!!"I whisper yelled.

"I won't do it again just please don't tell moms".


I walked over to the stairs.I stopped and looked at him.He looked back at me.

"Moms Jesus Is having sex with a girl in his room!"I yelled.

I saw Jesus charge at me and h tackled me.

"Jesus Samuel Williams Get your butt down here, you too, Mariana!"Mom yelled from downstairs.

We looked at each other and then got up.We walked downstairs with our arms crossed.

"What is going on!?!"Mama asked.

"Jesus has a girl in his room!"I blurted out.

"Mariana!"Jesus yelled.

"Jesus..."Mama warned.

"Now Jesus, Did you see what happened to your sister?"Mom asked.


"And you think it's a good idea to still have sex?".

"Yeah, Michael and Mariana still have sex".

"Woah Woah!, Where did you hear that?"Michael asked, budding in.

"From Aubrey"He said.

"We haven't had sex since Taylor was born"I said.

"No, You had sex this morning, she heard you, she lives next door with her daughter, Emma".

* * *

"Bye...Oh wait Mariana we need to talk to you"Mama said.

"Um sure, Michael can you go wait in the car?" I asked.

He nodded and went to the car.I walked up to the door.

"yeah?"I asked.

"Promise us one thing"Mama said.


"Make sure you use condoms"Mom said.


We all laughed.I hugged them and went in the car.I got in and buckled my seat belt.

"So you think the boys are still up?"Michael asked.

"Probably not"I laughed.

He took my chin and brought it towards him gently.He kissed me and i kissed back.We pulled away.

"Let's go home".

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