Tales from under the stars

Dedicated to everyone who's wondering if I'm writing about them.
I am. //Collection of poetry from the most beautiful and normal things in life//


4. The fire

The fire burns. It’s a light, crackling sound like the ocean waves in our hearts and the hurricanes in our minds. It’s like a breathing constellation of embers. We stare into the flames, as if it knew all our deepest secrets and threatened to tell.

We watch, as the little sun reflects in our eyes. And whenever everything gets too intense, it is as if constellation exhales, and embers separates from it like small stars, swimming across the sky and into the endless void.

The only sound breaking us, is the sound of breathing, as we give up parts of our souls, only to be consumed by the fire again.

My eyes meet yours, a brief, yet dangerous connection, as we both are at our most vulnerable. I hear the music from your soul as if it were symphony, and feel the stardust in your bones down my spine. Music from the ocean fills my heart, courage from the wind fills my mind, calm from the earth fills my eyes and the fire burns. 

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