Daddy won't hear

Eighteen years later, when their children have grown up. Along with seven friends, Sophie (Kate and Jake's daughter), Liam (Rachel and Dan's son) and Ava (Mel and Dylan's daughter) cause romance, anger, cheating and a little bit of heat in the original holiday house that their own parents met in...


4. Theo


I've fancied Liv for just under a year now and my dad told me if we fall in love with a life long friend, it would be in this house. I don't know, maybe this is my chance to see how it would work if me and her were a thing. Nah I'm probably just bored with my life so making up scenarios in my head. I do this all the time, like what if we were in the hammock and suddenly fell in love or we happened to fall in the pool together and have a romantic, sexy kiss. But by thinking of these things I know they aren't going to come true.

But for now I'm happy as I've just managed to sit down right next to her. Sophie and Liam are opposite us on the long, outdoors table. I don't want to look at Liv for longer than a couple of seconds or I know I won't be able to stop staring at the stars reflected in her eyes, instead I look down and laugh at the comments I can hear Noah making down the table. 

"You ok?" Sophie taps my arm. "You haven't said anything all evening."

"Yeah, yeah. Long journey." Crap, now I'm the sad creep of the group. "I'm cool, pass the champagne and I won't be quiet for long."

"Ok.." She laughs as she passes a bottle to me. "Careful, it's pretty strong."

"I think I can handle it." I laugh. One glass. Two, three, four, five. Oh fuck. The lanterns and fairy lights are blurred with the sky. I can't tell if people are laughing or crying. Everyon's face starts to dance and I turn to Liv.

"Oh my god, Th-Theo! You need to go to bed...go to bed or you're gonna throw up." She laughs but she care barely make out a sentence herself. Too late, I just miss her feet as my dinner splatters out my mouth on the floor.


I don't remember anything else. I wake up in my bed back at the house. Surprisingly, I don't have a head ache. I can't be asked to get dressed so instead I put on my swim trunks and go downstairs.

"There he is." Charlotte comes over to me laughing Everyone was up walking around the kitchen or sitting down on the white sofa with a coffee. All the guys were in their swim trunks too with the girls wearing bikinis and jumpers over the top. "Me and Nathan practically had to carry you back here, you prick. You threw up twice." I cringe.

"I wasn't even drunk.." I laugh back.

"No shit, you just asked the waitress to marry you." Nathan smirks.

"I thought she was fit."

"The waitress was a man." Liv comes over to me and sits down with two hot drinks.

"Oh. Yeah I was fucked. Cheers." I take one of the drinks.

"Like Ethan and Mia." Sophie smirks.

"Oh fuck off." Ethan shakes his head laughing.

"What happened?" I sit up.

"Oh nothing, they just felt like coming back early," Sophie looks down before adding, "to get off in his room."

"Well in." I sit back.

"That wasn't all that happened with you though is it?" Charlotte winks.

"What ever." Mia says.

"Oh yeah I nearly forgot," Ava says. "chores!!!"


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