The Holiday House Squad

Eighteen years later, when their children have grown up. Along with seven friends, Sophie (Kate and Jake's daughter), Liam (Rachel and Dan's son) and Ava (Mel and Dylan's daughter) cause romance, anger, cheating and a little bit of heat in the original holiday house that their own parents met in...


5. Nathan

Everyone moans as Ava puts our names into a hat, carefully folding each piece of paper.

"Ok," She says after throwing in the last name. "who wants to pick them out?" 

"I'll do it." Mia stands up, putting her coffee on the glass table.

"Ok, so this one's for kitchen duty. We need two people." Says Ava. Mia reaches in and plucks two names out.

"Noah... and.....Sophie!" Yes. Not me. 

"Cool, and for pool duty.." Ava says as Mia takes another two names.

"Ethan and....eugh me." Yes. Not me.

"Love birds!" Noah shouts.

"Fuck you." Mia smiles back. 

"And finally, sober people tonight." Ava says. "HA! ONLY JOKING! TONIGHT WE'RE HAVING A HOUSE PARTY!"

Oh fuck yes. A huge cheer goes up before Liam asks, "Wait, who's coming?"

"Up to you, everyone can invite anyone, no limit! I have 127 bottles of vodka so that should be enough." Oh my god.

I have to invite Owen. He'd kill me if I didn't. Besides this would be the best time to make the move. I've fancied the fuck out of him for  so long. My friends could meet him and tell me what they think of him! Fuck yes.



It's only five past ten and already far over a hundred people are here. It doesn't matter though because this house was made for parties. The whole basement is practically a 5 star nightclub mixed with a stripper club and a bar. Owen said he would come and be here by ten but I can't find him. I need to relax so take a shot- just one. I don't want to be smashed when he comes, just play it cool.

"ARE YOU OK?" Sophie comes over to sit on a high black stool next to me in front of the bar. 

"YEAH, JUST EXPECTING SOMEONE." I force a smile whilst all the reasons for him not to be here flash through my head.


"TEN." She laughs after I tell her and hugs me.

"BABE THEY'RE ONLY FIVE MINUTES LATE!" I guess she's right. I mean he could be here. He could be a minute away and still not really be classed as late. I mean I am the king of 'fashionable late' so maybe he was giving me a taste of it. But I don't know, he's normally the sort of person that would turn up super early to something like this.

"I GUESS." I shrug.

"OK, COME WITH ME." She takes my hand and brings me upstairs away from the music. She carries on walking until we're in the garden with the dim orange light of the fairy lights. "What's going on with you?"

"I'm fine really babe stop worryi-"

"No you're not, don't treat me like I'm stupid. Who's this person that's coming that you fancy?" Fuck. I look at her weirdly as if she were completely wrong. "What's their name?"

"Ok fine. I guess if I were to tell anyone it would be you." This was true, Sophie had been my partner in crime since we were six and we worked together to steal extra sweets at school. "His names Owen. I've fancied him for ages but I'm just not entirely, completely, utterly sure that he's gay too.." She doesn't say anything for a bit but then burst out into a cheeky smile.

"Let's go find your prince!" She grabs my hand again and we run back inside on the hunt to find him.

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