Daddy won't hear

Eighteen years later, when their children have grown up. Along with seven friends, Sophie (Kate and Jake's daughter), Liam (Rachel and Dan's son) and Ava (Mel and Dylan's daughter) cause romance, anger, cheating and a little bit of heat in the original holiday house that their own parents met in...


1. Liam

"So you've got all your bags? What about your wash bag! Or swim stuff?" Mum jabbed at my back to get my attention as I left the house.

"Rachel he's fine, you checked his suitcase four times." Dad gave me a grin and pulled mum back inside. "Have fun Liam and don't you dare get any one pregnant!" 

"Not making any promises," I laughed back as I finished loading up the car. "see you in a month!"

"Say hi to Sophie for us!" Mum waved.


Six whole hours by myself. Six. Nothing but shit on the radio and my phone was nearly dead. I was so glad to finally arrive. First thing a saw was Noah and Ethan throwing Ava's stuff between them over her head.

"Fuck you pricks!" She laughed as she tried jumping to catch her pillow but slipped and landed head first onto my car.

Noah and Ethan fell on the floor laughing and a mini pulled into the drive. I got out to hear all three of the laughing twats say my name excitedly.

"Oy watch it! Nearly ran you over dickheads." Liv parked next to Noah and Ethan, still on the floor. She got out with Sophie, Mia and Charlotte in the back. "Who's still to come?"

"Nathan and Theo." I said. 

"Let's wait inside and I'll show you guys your rooms." Ava pointed towards the house. Fuck it's huge. We could have twenty people if we wanted. But I think ten is probably enough. This is where my parents met twenty years ago and it still looks as if it was built yesterday. My dad said there was a room underneath the house just for parties with a bar and stripper stages and shit. Wow this is going to be a sick month.

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