Salazar Slytherin

// The Story of Salazar Slytherin, who became a Friend, Loved and Enemy //



Chapter 5. 


“So the school, how do you plan for it to work?

“We recruit students and teachers, “ Rowena growled. They were sitting around a fireplace in one of the small rooms around the castle. Salazar ignored her angry tone, he had gradually learnt that she didn’t like him, though he didn’t know why.

“Where will you find these students, in Rowena’s family journal? “

“No, everyone who shows signs of magic is welcome, “ Godric said. Salazar stopped in the middle of a movement. He frowned as his eyes met Godric. Was he serious? They couldn’t just take anyone and everyone.

“What if they’re like, muggles? “ He asked.

“Well they aren’t muggles if they do magic are they? “ again, he ignored Rowena and kept eye contact with Godric. The green eyes seemed worried, as he moved closer to Salazar.

“I understand you may feel something against muggles, but – “

“Something against muggles? They burnt my sister, “ the room grew silent. Salazar got up from the chair, his hands shaking from an anger that scared even him. He didn’t wait to hear what Godric had to say as the man opened his mouth, instead Salazar left the room.


Her white scale was beautiful in the sun. Salazar watched the large snake slide through the grass, as Safia made her way for him. He smiled, without knowing why, it wasn’t like the snake would smile back.

Sssssomething wrong? “ Safia crouched beside him.

“Muggles, “ he just muttered. It actually looked like the snake laughed.

“Salazar! “ someone shouted from the castle. Salazar expected Safia to disappear as quickly as before, but instead, the snake cocked it’s head again so he faced one of her black eyes.

Remember what you are. “

“Salazar, “ Safia had gone as Godric came running against him. “I’m sorry okay? “

Salazar didn’t answer when Godric sat down beside him.

“We’ve thought about it, “ Godric said as he caught his breath again. “Remember how we talked about splitting the students up in four houses, one for each? “

Salazar nodded.

“You decided who you want in your house, but Salazar please, not all muggles are bad. “

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