Call Me Maybe

Two people, dark and light, good and evil, find love when chances were slim. Love is blind to these things, as they find out.


2. Green Eyes

     I can't, I just can't, thought Drystan, his eyes staring down to the blank sheet in front of him, his cheeks cherry red. Kai, the new student, sat only two desks in front of him, and for some reason, Drystan couldn't get him out of his head. They were supposed to be writing things about themselves, and he knew his paper would end up on that desk, the new polished one, the one with the new kid. For some reason, everyone seemed to be afraid of him at first glance, his outfit and dark hair and piercing eyes setting them on edge. As soon as he spoke though, his melodic voice settled the nerves of those around him. Drystan knew different, being one of the mistacen, angels transformed and given human form. He knew this new boy had something different about him, but he couldn't place it. All he could really tell, is that his heart beat faster even by a simple glance towards him. 

     As he was thinking, the bell rang loud, making him jump in his seat then immediately sit back down in embarrassment. It was only the first bell, and he had to wait for the second to leave for lunch. Heaving a big sigh he looked back down at his paper and shakily began to write. 

     I sure as hell hope that tomorrow he isn't here he thought to himself, trying to still his trembling hand. 

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