La Fin (The End)

While on a mission to collect intel, Raven and her group of soldiers find something that was the ultimate weapon. Barely escaping and being flown back to the United States, she tries to warn her home base in California. Will they make it in time? Will they believe her story? Or will it all come crumbling down around them.


1. The Mission



“We need to out run them! I'm out of rockets!” Raven shouted as she grabbed her M16 Assault Rifle to shoot at the on coming vehicles.

“If I push down any harder my damn foot will go through the floor!” Brandon argued back as he stepped on the gas.

“RPG!” Hector warned before they felt a vibration and then were flung around like ragged dolls, then, there was nothing.

“Delta, do you read me.” Ravens eyes opened, then closed again. She could feel herself fighting to stay awake, every bone in her body was screaming and each little movement she tried to make felt like something trying to break down a door and it made her bones ache. “Delta Xray do you copy? Raven?”

“Copy sir.” She managed to say as her eyes opened a bit. She was in a tunnel, but could still see the opening. Half of her body was on the concrete, the other half still in the crashed Jeep. She used her legs to push off of one of the seats as she landed on the ground, face up.

“What's your location soldier.”

She checked her surroundings again. “I'm gonna have to get back to you on that one sir. Give me five minutes.” She got up and it felt as if every bone in her body cracked, from her toes, all the way to her neck. “Fuck.” She noticed the vehicle that was chasing them was on its side. There was no movement, only the sound of what she could only think of... Munching. She got her M9 from her holster and cocked it back before making her way to the crashed car. Finger on the trigger, she checked inside to see four corpses. “Fuckers.” She said under her breath. Then she heard the sound again, it was coming from behind the car. She was aiming down the sights before turning to see a man hunched over, a severed arm in his hand as he was eating it like it was his first meal in weeks. She grabbed the silencer from her pocket and put it on the gun before aiming at the mans chest and pulling the trigger. He went down but not even a second later, he was on his feet. He turned around to face the blond. He had deep gashes on his arms and face and a hole where his heart should've been. “How the hell-” She was cut off before it screeched at the top of its lungs and started charging at the woman. She ran back to the Jeep as fast as she could before ducking as she saw Brandon standing there with a shotgun in hand and pulling the trigger. It's head exploded and remains of the brains littered the floor. Raven held her hands to her ears as the ringing started. “Why did you use one of those in here?”

“Sorry. Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Was that what I thought it was?”

“Don't say it Brandon.”

“But was it?" 

"I fucking hope not.”

“I got into contact with HQ, gave them our location. They are sending a chopper.”

“Good. Is everyone alright?” She asked while the crew crawled out of the Jeep one by one.

“Good.” Hector and Nick said in unison.

“Where's Sarge?” Raven asked. She looked into the open section of the Jeep to find the Sargent lying there motionless. “Alex!” She shouted, again echoing through the tunnel. Only that time, it was followed by muffled moans and screeching.

“Raven? I think we have a problem.” Hector said as he got his gun ready.

Raven checked his pulse and found none. “No.” She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him out. As soon as they were both out, he got up out of nowhere and attacked the girl. “Sarge!” She shouted before grabbing her gun and shooting him in the head.

“Raven! Whatever we are calling those things are coming our way. Fast.”

Raven went back in the vehicle and got her helmet that had a camera that fit into it. If they were going back home, they needed proof for what happened here.

“ETA on evac is fifteen minutes. Your asses better be there.” The walkie came to life.

“We'll be there in ten. Let's move!” Raven shouted as the ran out of the tunnel. She noticed the creatures were gaining on them and she needed footage. She stopped in her tracks and got good footage of the on coming attackers before killing off a few. She let one get close enough so she could take it down with a knife. Satisfied that she got good enough footage, she caught up to her group as soon as the chopper touched down and boarded it.

“Did that really just happen Commander?” Nick asked.

She just nodded her head and played back the footage.


This one is short. Maybe an introduction of some sort? I'm kind of going with the flow and kind of not? Let me know what you think...   

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