The Average Life of a Teenage Girl

Ashley is an average 14 year old girl starting high school. She is the only one who sees herself as average. Cover created by Beautifully Music Nerd


3. Next Week


Thank goodness that the first week of school was finally over, but now the second week has begun. It's been such a rough and confusing week for me. I'm not sure what's going on with my friends, but it doesn't seem good. They haven't been as social with me as they used to be. I'm honestly really scared for my friendships right now.


The good thing is is that I'm making new friends with the seniors in my orchestra class. They're really actually nice to me. Except for about half of the violas that are too busy being jealous of me to be friends with me.

So back to my friends. We usually all have a sleepover on Friday nights and talk about our weeks and school, especially since it was the first week of high school. The only friend I saw this weekend was Zoe because we do homework together for a couple hours every Sunday. Even though we didn't have homework yet, we still had to hang out. Even though Zoe is my best friend, she still seemed a little distant, like we hadn't been friends for like forever. I eventually asked her what was wrong after about an hour of very minimal talking but more us sitting in my room on our phones.

"You seem a little off today Zoe. Are you okay? Do you need to talk about it?" I asked her. I may have sounded more like her mom rather than her best friend, but I wanted to know if there were any problems between me and my best friend, or any of my other friends.

"Yeah actually, we need to talk." She said as she hit the power button on her iPhone. I knew she meant business when she turned off her phone. "Kendall has been really worried about you lately. She thinks that you're going to ditch us to be friends with the orchestra seniors. I've been trying to convince her that you would never do that, but you know how stubborn she is."

"Kendall's been worried about me? Why won't she just talk to me? Is that why we didn't have our sleepover on Friday night?" I shouldn't have asked about the sleepover, my gut was telling me they had one without me, and I'm never wrong about my gut feelings.

"Yeah she actually wants me to figure things out, but she won't trust my opinion. And about the sleepover, we actually had one without you. I had no clue though. Kendall made Lillianne host at her house, so you know she was in charge of texting people. I asked Kendall right after I got the text from Lillianne if you were coming and she told me you had some orchestra thing going on. I guess I should've asked you if that was true but you didn't come to the choir room on Friday morning. I'm really sorry though for not asking you." She seemed really upset after she told me the story. But I wasn't surprised that it was Lillianne and Kendall's fault that I didn't get invited. Lillianne was Kendall's minion that did all of the dirty work for her.

"So is Kendall trying to get me out of the group? And yeah, sorry I wasn't in the choir room Friday morning, I had an orchestra audition I had to do."  I had to give her an excuse as to why I wasn't in the choir room on Friday morning. I was really in the orchestra room talking to some seniors, trying to avoid choir talk.

"I really think she is. And that's totally fine, I get it." By this point I was mad that Kendall was trying to get rid of me. She was just so jealous. I mean, I'm not even in choir anymore.

I couldn't deal with our conversation anymore, so I quickly ended it and life went on normally.

So then today, I acted like I never knew anything was going on between me and my friends. I was super nice to them today, and boy was it hard to be nice to Kendall. 

Now I'm just really scared to see where all of this ends up going in the end. 


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