The Average Life of a Teenage Girl

Ashley is an average 14 year old girl starting high school. She is the only one who sees herself as average. Cover created by Beautifully Music Nerd


2. First Day of School


Today was the first day of school. It was mostly like all the others, but this year was high school. 

So here's an account of my day:

I woke up at about 6 this morning. I put on a skirt and t-shirt and high-top converse. I put my hair in a side braid, and put on a little makeup and my dark glasses. I grabbed my bag, which was heavy with school supplies, and my viola. I grabbed the blueberry muffin my mom had just freshly made and wrapped for me, got on my vintage looking light blue bike and ride to school. 

It takes me about 20 minutes to get to school. When I get there, I go straight to the orchestra room, put my viola in it's assigned spot, then walk to the choir room next door, where I found all my friends.

"Hey Ashley!" Zoe said to me.

"Hey!" I said as I sat on the floor and pulled my muffin out of my bag. As I started eating, I listened to the conversation to see if I could join in. But no, they were talking about choir. Sure I had nothing against choir, I mean I used to be in it. But that's the thing, I used to be the star of it. I got every solo and was accepted into practically any middle school age honor choir I could've been in. All of my friends were jealous of everything I got, I mean I was the best singer in the school. Then they were mad when I declined it all and quit choir, but they're good friends, so they supported me. But I was also the best orchestra person. They were all in orchestra too, but they didn't really care about orchestra. I was accepted into every honor orchestra I could've been accepted into and got every solo. And this year as a freshman, I'm the first chair viola in the senior class orchestra. Music colleges have already contacted me too.

"So where'd you go this summer?" Zoe asked me. Zoe was my best friend in the group. She understands I don't like talking about choir. That's another thing about me though, I go somewhere really exciting every summer with my parents and my younger brother. My parents think it's a good thing to let us experience he world before we get thrown right into it.

"We went backpacking through Europe this year." I told her.

"Wow! That must've been amazing!" Just then, the bell rang. We all stood up and grabbed our belongings. We were all headed  for the door.

"See you guys at lunch!" Kendall said as we all started down the halls our separate ways. Kendall was basically the leader of our friend group. She was nice until you did something against her, then you better watch out.

I found my way to geography eventually. Then the day slowly began and slowly continued. Finally it come to lunch. I walked into the cafeteria by myself and quickly found my friends. I was happy I didn't have to wait in the long lunch line, like Zoe, because I brought my lunch.

"Hey Ashley!" Kendall said as I pulled out a chair.

"Hey Kendall!" I said back as I sat down.

"Where were you this morning?"  Jess asked me. Jess was Kendall's wing woman and wasn't very observant of the world.

"In the choir room with you guys. Remember?"

"Oh yeah! I guess I do!" I just smiled back at her and thought how could a person be this dumb. After about 10 minutes of eating my lunch in silence and listening to choir talk, Zoe came over to our table and I was really happy that she would save me. However, today she didn't. She just joined right in with the choir talk. I was a little annoyed, and I'm pretty sure my face showed it. Then lunch was thankfully over and I continued on with my day.

Finally, I got to the last class of the day, orchestra! I was so happy. I was nervous that I wouldn't fit in with the seniors, but I did! It was so great, we actually played some pieces that actually challenged me! Sadly, the end of the day came. I grabbed my viola and my bag and headed to the choir room next door to meet my friends so we can walk out together to our bikes. Freshman choir was also the last class of the day, so it worked perfectly!

When I got there, all of my friends were gone. So, I walked to the bike stalls, thinking they'd meet me there instead. However, when I got there, nobody was there, neither were their bikes. I thought it was weird they weren't there. Although, today as a whole was weird, tomorrow would better. I mean, we were just starting high school. I got on my bike and rode home. Usually by the time I get home, my phone is blowing up with texts from all of my friends in our group chat, but there wasn't a single text to my surprise.

Now I'm writing all of this here and wondering, what happened today?

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