The Bad Girls's Good Boy

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" What the hell?! " I said while reaching for my phone that the devil took " you really need to start living. You can't live through your phone " he lectured me, AGAIN " you can't tell me what I can't an can do! You're not my dad or mum! I hardly even listen to my mom and dad so why should I listen to you?! " I spat at him " because I care " he said and took a deap breath " and because you're a bad girl, and I'm a good boy "


8. Chapter 8-Hospital

Harry's POV

Her mom is gonna kill me! What the hell even happened in there?!

All I know was her ' boyfriend ' came to her house and asked where she was. I told him that Sofia left and then he looked all worried and turned pale so I asked him why. He said Sofia was in trouble and danger so I asked him why again. All he said was a Gigi person was gonna kill Sofia so I got worried too. I asked him where this Gigi person is so he told me then I came to that place only to see Sofia being punched by a guy which blacked her out. I came up to her and got in a fight with the guys but left the girl out on it. After that, I took Sofia to the hospital 'cause she looked pretty bad.

" C'mon, let me in there " I mumbled while impatiently tapping my foot on the tiled floor of the hospital. After that, I got irritated and went up to the front desk

" Excuse me, can I see Sofia Hilvano now? Room BC5? " I asked the lady handling the front desk who looked up to me once I started talking

" Hold on a minute sir " she said and checked something on her computer then dialed somebody using the hospital phone " Alright......I'll tell him.......Thank you " she said through the phone before hanging up and facing me " You may go in now sir. Also, Dr. Richards would like to speak with you " she said while I node and said a simple ' Thank You ' before going in Sofia's room

" Ah, Mr. Styles " the doctor greeted once I came into the room

" Hi Dr. Richards " I greeted back and then went to Sofia's side. She didn't look so good. She had a bruised face which included: a black eye, scars and blood that the doctors dried by now " Anyway, I'll assume that you want to know how Ms. Sofia is doing. But first, I need to know how you are related to Ms. Hilvano: brother? bestfriend? boyfriend? " the doctor asked while my eyes went wide at the ' boyfriend ' part

" No, I'm not her boyfried. I'm a family friend. Her mum and my mum were very close. Me and her are bestfriends " I said while he noded

" Alright then. Nothing serious happened to her to start off, she just hit her head that's why she blacked out. She will wake-up sometime today and once she gets home, she needs to rest. Meaning no driving or going out. She needs to stay in bed for atleast one day for her sake " the doctor said while I noded, taking everything down

" Alright doc, thank you " I said before he left

~~After 3 Hours~~

" Why aren't you waking up? It's already 8 PM, I thought that by sometime today, he meant 6 or 6:30 " I whispered while still sitting down on the chair I sat down prior, waiting for Sofia to wake up so I can take her home

After a while, I heard moaning and shifting so I quickly looked at Sofia's bed to see her awake

" Where the hell am I? " she asked while rubbing her temples

" Hospital " I simply responded while she just gave a death glare, what did I do now?! she just woke up an I just answered her question! What could I have possibly do now?!

" I can see that I'm at the hospital. I meant, WHY, am I at the hospital " she said and then looked away again

" You got beaten up bad by some guys and I think one girl. You're boyfriend came to your house and that's how I found out where you were an came to you just in time to see you collapse " I explained while she looked at me strangely

Sofia's POV

Boyfriend? Who the fuck is he talking about?

" Who the fucking hell are you talking about? " I asked in an irritated voice

" The girl, I think name's Gigi or something. Blonde- " he started but I cut him off after rolling my eyes

" I meant about the boyfriend thing. I don't have a boyfriend " I corrected him while he just noded

" A guy names Mosses came by earlier. He sad he was your boyfriend " he explained while I rolled my eyes. It's Mosses again

Mosses was a guy I met in High school before Summer started. He was the school jock and playboy, which I flirted with just for some attention. Fine, I was an attention whore but c'mon, I was famous and I needed tons of attention. Anyway, after High school, I dumped him before he could get under my pants. Obviously that didn't seat too well on him, especially 'cause he always wanted to get under my pants. So, every since then he tried hitting on me. Also, he even goes to my house but ends up getting the door in his face. He still doesn't stop though. He said he won't stop until he gets me screaming his name under the covers

" He's NOT my boyfriend, he just tried to hit on me and get under my fucking pants. Fucking asshole thinks he can tell others he's my boyfriend " I hissed while Harry just nodded his head " When can I leave? " I asked withought meeting his gaze

" Right now, I just gotta tell the doctor " he said and headed towards the door

" Also, you can't go out tonight. Doctor's orders and also know I'm guarding you real tight so don't even try sneaking out. Bad girl "


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