The Bad Girls's Good Boy

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" What the hell?! " I said while reaching for my phone that the devil took " you really need to start living. You can't live through your phone " he lectured me, AGAIN " you can't tell me what I can't an can do! You're not my dad or mum! I hardly even listen to my mom and dad so why should I listen to you?! " I spat at him " because I care " he said and took a deap breath " and because you're a bad girl, and I'm a good boy "


5. Chapter 5-Too Much To Bear

Sofia's POV

" A good girl " my mom said and I bursted out laughing " Really? You expected something like that from me? I thought you knew me " I said and laughed again but stopped " Sofia, don't disrespect your mo- " Robert started but I cut him off " Off, shut it Romeo. Don't be all ' protective dad ' on me. You're not my dad and you'll never be my dad! " I shouted at Robert making my mom slap me.

She slapped me. She neer did that. Though I disrespect her and Robert. She never slapped me

" Stop that! Robert makes me happy! He made me happy when your dad died! I loved your father bu- " she started but I cut her off " But you cheated on him! You cheated on him with Robert which cause him to commit suicide! Don't try to deny it! I saw it with my own eyes! I saw how you cheated on dad that night! How dad told me every night when you're not around that you're just busy with work to comfort me. How dad commited suicide right infront of mine eyes " I said while tears started to stream down my face and my mom's. It was all true

" Sofia, believe me, I lov- " she started but I cut her off again

" Don't tell me you love him. Because you didn't. Cause if you did, you shouldn't have left us. You should've came home every night to your family so dad wouldn't have to think of an excuse to tell me instead of fucking that fucking guy. You should've ended your relationship with him after dad found out. You shouldn't be forcing me to live with monsters right now. You want me to be a good girl because I'm a bad girl, but you should blame yourself. Cause I never heard an apology when you made me this way " I said and stopped up to my room. I don't care if they leave now and never come back. I just want them gone

I slammed my bedroom door and cried on my bed. I tooo my pink guitar from my corner of my room an strummed the strings a bit. The memories are coming back one by one:


" Daddy, where is Mommy? " I asked my dad while he tucked me to bed

" Mommy's still at work sweetie. Mommy's working so she can buy you that guitar you always wanted " my dad replied which made me smile

" Really daddy? I can get that guitar? " I asked excitedly while he noded with a smile

" Yeah baby girl. You'll get that guitar for your birthday. But in return, we gotta wait for mommy to return by morning everyday. Is that alright with you, princess? " he asked and my smile quickly faded

" But I want to be with mommy more than I want that guitar. Please tell mommy not to over-work herself for that " I told him and he noded while kissing my forehead

" I will princess. Now c'mon, you need some sleep so you can wake-up early tomorrow when mommy comes home from work " he said and I noded while snuggling close to him and falling asleep in his protective arms

~~3 Years Later~~

" Don't you dare do this Charlene?! " I heard my dad yell from downstairs which made me peek from the stairs

" No! I want to stay with Robert " my mom yelled while pushing my dad away and hoping into the car that was parked in our drive way

" Mom! don't leave us! " I shouted while running up to her but she didn't listen and left with Robert

" Please " I whispered while collapsing next to my dad

" Dad " I whispered while he hugged me and kissed my head

" It's alright sweetie. We're gonna be alright " he whispered but I know that was far from what would happen

~~After 2 Months~~

" Dad, I'm home! " I shouted while entering our house. I was so excited! I won our singing contest at school and I wanted to show him the medal and the check they gave me

" Dad? " I called out again but no one answered

" Dad, are you home? " I asked again while entering his room but instead of an answer. Something terrifying came to me

My dad was lying on the floor of his room, swimming in a pool of his own blood and he held a gun in one hand. He s-shoot himself in the h-head

" Daddy! " I shouted while running up to him

" Daddy! Don't leave me too! You promised we'll be alright! " I shouted before something caught my eyes. It wa a note that had blood stains near the gun. It also had my dad's hand writting on it

' Dear Sofia,

Princess, by th time you read this, I'll be gone. I'll be dead. I'm sorry. I promised you before that we'll be alright. But I gave up too quickly. I'm sorry. Your mother hurt me too much to bear. I know you were hurting too ad I'm sorry for giving up. I know you'll have abeautiful life ahead. Just remember that whatever happens, I'll always be with you, guiding you and making you happy. Bot from afar. Just remember that whenever you're happy, I'm right near you, laughing with you. And whenever you're sad, remember that I'm right by your side. Being a shoulder and crying with you while whispering some things into your ear. Your favorite words. Before I do this. I also want you to know that I got you that guitar you wanted. It's right near your bed right now. I love you so much princess '

I cried while clutching the note. This can't be happening. It's not true. It isn't. It just isn't. He's not dead

I went to my room and found the guitar. It was the exact guitar I wanted. It had a few studs in it and it had my initial written in it. It was beautiful. But the thing they wanted in return for it was my family

~~Flashback Over~~

I cried while I strummed a familiar tone with the guitar

" I remember then

You said how nich you cared for me

But you never said

That you'll always be there for me

Cause now you're gone

And I can't go on

Withought thinking

That's it's my fault

All along "

It was the song I wrote for my dad. I thought I'd feel better if I wrote a song like I dd when I was little. But it didn't help one hit. It still hurt. Too much.

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