Lustosis ( 16+ )

Y Harry Lust Syndrum Sex Sofia Stay OneDirection Fanfic

Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


6. Chapter 6-Stay With Me

Sofia's POV

" Pretty soon, it'll be moans that'll be coming out of that delicious mouth " that Harry guy wispered in my ear while gently nibbling the skin of my ear. Damn let go!

" Let go of me! " I shouted while pushing him away " Not such a fan huh? " Louis asked while I shot him a glaire " Well yes, I'm not. And plus, he nibbled my ear, how do you think I would react?! " I shouted while he put his arms up in defense

" Boys! Time's over! " a guy from the back shouted while they noded " Well, we gotta go loves " Louis said while they one by one hugged each of us. Ofcourse I shot Harry a dirty look telling him not to dare do it to me whule he just smirked

~~At The Parking Lot~~

" Sofia, you could have just thanked him! He nibbled your ear for crying out loud! THE Harry Styles nibbled your fucking ear! " Chloe shouted while shooting me a look of disbelief " Well unlike you, I don't let bastards do that to me! " I shouted back at her " Whatever, if that was me, I'd- " she started but got cut off because of someone shouting my name

" SOFIA! " a raspy voice shouted from behind us. Once we turned around, I saw that bastard again. Can't he just leave me alone?!

" Can't you just leave me alone?! How did you even know my name?! " I shouted\asked while he put his fingers in his pockets " I wanted to ask you something, in private " he said and looked at my friends " sure " they all said in unison and left me there. With HIM

" What the hell do you want now?! " I shouted while he took me by the waist again " Sofia huh, well, I'm here to offer you a deal " he whispered while I felt hus hot breath making me shiver a little " what? " I asked while avoiding his gaze

" Stay with me "

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