Lustosis ( 16+ )

Y Harry Lust Syndrum Sex Sofia Stay OneDirection Fanfic

Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


5. Chapter 5-Concert A.K.A. My Nightmare ( 2 )

Sofia's POV

After I heard loud screaming, the lights were turned off. This is the moment I've been waiting for ( sarcastically )

" Sofia! it's starting! " Chloe shouted while jumping up and down " whatever " I said while crossing my arms and slumping down on my seat

" GOODEVENING EVERYBODY! " a guy with brown hair and arrows tattoo said.

" IT'S LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!! " Chloe screamed while looking at me with big eyes while I rolled my eyes at her. He wasn't even good looking. None of them were.

Also, they all had that look on their faces that only big-headed people have. They're arrogant people and no one can change that. No one

But, there was this one guy. He had curly hair, green eyes and dimples showing through his smirk. He was looking at the crowd of girl while smirking. Fuck, he's a bastard! What is wrong with these people?! Liking HIM! These people disgust me!

~~Skip Amazing Concert~~

" That was the best night of my life! " Chloe, Rein, Ashleen and Khryss squealed in unison making me flinched, best? more like worst

" C'mon Sof, don't tell me you still hate them " Khryss said while I smirked " then I won't tell you " I said while she rolled her eyes " c'mon, they're amazing " Ashleen exclaimed making me snicker " at nothing " I added and they all shook there heads in dissapointment, I don't give a fuck

" C'mon, I can't wait to go backstage! " Rein said but they stoped their tracks " let's go to the booths first " Chloe said and they draged me inside a booth that sells clothes

" Here, buy this and put it on " Khryss said and handed me a bag " why? " I asked while raising a suspicious eyebrow " just do it, please " she said an gave me puppy eyes, urg, why? " fine " I sighed in frustration

I paid for it and went to the changing booths. It was some black skinny jeans, black tank top and a white cotton jacket. Atleast it won't how much, right?

I sighed an put it on. After that, I put my hair in a neat ponytail and went back to them

" Here, let me just- " Rein said while trying to touch my ponytail but I slapped her hand away " don't you even dare " I warned her while pointing a finger " ok " she said and put her hands up in defense " c'mon, I just want to get this thing over with " I sighed and went back to the actually venue

" Backstage passes please " a lady said infront of us before we could go in. One by one, we gave our backstage passes. Ofcourse when it came to me I had to fight with myself to actually hand it to her. I really didn't want to do this " enjoy " she said and gave our backstage passes back

Once we got backstage, almost all the other girls left except 2 teen girl who were trying to desperately pull their clothes down while talking with some of the band memebers. Eew

" C'mon, No one's talking to Niall and Louis, let go " Rein said and dragged me towards the two boys. One with blonde hair and the other with brown hair

" Hello loves " the one with brown hair said " hi " Rein, Ashleen, Chloe and Khryss said in a high pitched voice " haha, excited huh? " the one with blonde hair said, he also has I think an Irish accent on " if only you knew " I whispered and the brown one looked at me " what's your names? " she asked us and Ashleen, Khryss, Rein and Chloe were quick to say their names " lovely names " the blonde one said " what about you? " the guy with brown hair asked me " Sofia " I said while crossing my arms " lovely name " he said with a smile

" Lou, are these the last one? " a guy with black hair asked " I think so " ' Lou ' as the black one reffered to, answered " ok, hello loves " he said and again, we said our name and blah blah blah

Almost all of that band came to greet us but one. They were only four. Not that I care about the other one. I was just saying

" Where's Harry? " Liam, yup, I learned their names, asked " in the bathroom, he'll be out in a minute, I guess " Zayn said " ok " Liam said again

" Guys, sorry I- " Harry, as I'll assume, started but got cut off when he saw us " oh, hello there " he said while biting his bottom lip and smirking, it's the bastard " bastard " I snickered but I think he heard " what's that love? wanna tell me something? " he asked while crossing his arms but with a smirk " yes, I said bastard " I said confidently making Ashleen pull me back a bit " fiesty, I like it " he said and bit his lip harder, eew " eew " I said while a disgusted look was plastered on my face. Unexpectedly, he pulled me to him and whispered something in my ear

" Pretty soon, it'll be moans that will come out of that delicious mouth "

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