Lustosis ( 16+ )

Y Harry Lust Syndrum Sex Sofia Stay OneDirection Fanfic

Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


3. Chapter 3-Permission ( Come On )

Sofia's POV

After school, I quickly took the bus home. The last chance I have as an excuse to not go to the concert is if my mom dissaproves. Please say no

" Mom, I'm home! " shouted while entering the house " oh hey honey, want some snacks? " she asked while showing me a tray of cookies, someone must have visited " no, but I wan- " I started but she cut me off " oh honey, your aunt Lily is in the kitchen, please say hello " she said and I went to the livingroom

" Hi aunt Lily " I said and hugged her " hi sweatheart " she sai and hugged me " honey, your aunt Lily here came to give you something " my mom said and I sighed " sure, but I wanted to ask first if I could go to One Direction's concert with my friends this weekend " I asked and her smile grew

" That's perfect sweetie, aunt Lily here came by to give you some backstage passess. It was suppose to be for your cousin, Bianca, but she's sick " mom explained, oh goodie ( sarcastically )

" That's great, thanks aunt Lily " I said trying to pool off my best fake smile. The last thing I wanted in life was this. See that stupid boyband

" Here you go sweatheart, 5 backstage passess " aunt Lily said while handing me the ID like tickets

" Thank you, I'll just change and do my homework " I said and headed up the stage

Really?! First I have to go to a stupid boyband concert THEN I have to meet them backstage! They're just this lame-ass boyband! They're nothing special! I guess I love my fanily and friends this much to actually accept this. Sometimes I hate myself sooooo much


Sofia is soooo lucky!!! How is this? Comment your thought below and please like and favorite this an fan me. ILYGSM!

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