Lustosis ( 16+ )

Y Harry Lust Syndrum Sex Sofia Stay OneDirection Fanfic

Sofia Hilvano was just your average teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't listen to her mum at times and most of all, single. She was actually desperate to be loved. Ofcourse she received love from her mum, but she wanted some other kind of love. She was so desperate, she took love from someone who had Lustosis

* Lustosis is not a real syndrum. I just made it up *


1. Chapter 1-Know Who You're Dealing With First

Sofia's POV

Hey! Sofia Taylor Hilvano here! Why do I always speak like I'm on live or something?

Anyway, so basically I'm telling you some facts about me before you start reading about my life. Gotta know who you're dealing with first ya'll

Ok so first of all, my name is Sofia Taylor Hilvano. I was born in Holmes Chapel but when I was 2 we moved to L.A. then to London. We're now currently still living in London and I go to a school named ' Politant University Of London '. I only have a few bestfriends. Most of them consists of Khryss, Chloe, Rein and Ashleen. It's hard to make friends if you trap yourself in your own bubble

I started trapping myself in a bubble after my dad died. I was scared that if I let people in, they'll just leave me and hurt me. The feeling of being left and hurt sucks. I hate that feeling.

Anyway, I live with my mum. I'm an only child so you can just imagine how boring and alone my life is.

I ALMOST forgot to describe myself. I have long, browncurly hair that goes down my back. I also have blue eyes with hints of green in them. Lastly, I have a small nose, heart shaped lips and heart shaped forehead.

My friends are addicted to this band called One Direction. I'm not a hater, but I don't like they're music or anything about them. Heck, I don't even find them cute or anything. I'm more on Jack Griffo or Zac Efron's side, which my friends don't understand. You see, they're this famous boyband who is having a concert and that shit.

Anyway, enough about this and that. Just go ahead and read the story of how I got myself into a deal and fell inlove with a person with Lustosis.

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