Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


11. Words and Wisdom - The Praxefia

"Aww, did a deal go sour? Bet nothing those precious colleges you have ever taught you what to do in here, hmm? Tell you what, I may not be one of your special Scholars, but I can give you a lesson or two. Yeah, I'll make sure you learn that you're going to die in here! No deal or trade will get you out! You're going to die, Praxefia! I'll make sure that's a lesson you'll never forget!"

Some people are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, but the Praxefia prefer to achieve greatness on their own terms. Amongst the heather-coated moors, spanning the many canals of Aquentor, their great gothic cities host the greatest achievers of all. Athletes, writers, artists, physicists, it doesn't matter. All are appreciated and encouraged amongst the Praxefia.

The Praxefia do share similarities with some of the other races. Their peachy skin, well-built frames, dark hair, and deep brown eyes may have people mistake them as being mixes of Amaena, Kjolica, and Sherel respectively, but the Praxefia are their own race through and through. All it takes to realise that is to witness a Praxefia debate.

All Praxefia can wield their silver tongue like a blade, but it is in one of their great debates that their skill is truly tested. The halls of their many theatres and colleges can ring with sweetened words for many hours during these verbal battles, covering topics such as morality, politics, philosophy, and the source of a Praxefia's pride: achievement.

It matters not to Aquentor's race what discipline one applies themselves to. Unlike the art-centric Evemeni, the athletic Areadil, and the Humanities-focused Karicarya, all areas of study and achievement are considered equal to the Praxefia. And it has paid off for them. The jack-of-all-trades race are often turned to when chaos threatens, for they will have several able citizens willing to lend a hand, blade, or word to the cause. This has earned the Praxefia a stable network of allies over the years, and several trade agreements that ha helped Aquentor grow into the trading hub it is today. Though they may be mocked for refusing to specialise, the Praxefia know that in the long run they will succeed. After all, all areas of achievement and expertise were needed not that long ago when Saenoch Gorazach's Treasure of Golden Glass took place upon Aquentor.

When Saenoch Gorazach personified the hearts' desires of each of the nine races and sealed them within a mansion of solid gold, it was the Praxefia who managed to break through the Saenoch's defences. The mismatched group of heroes their race put forward - Antiophe, Tharasedes, Samyxo, Evithishia, Sabaia, Lichos, Ixolos, and Phantethon - had each mastered their chosen discipline and were able to bypass the Animex Gorazach had sent to pose a challenge. Each Animex in service to Gorazach was able to be defeated at their own game by one of the Praxefia's team, permitting the remaining team members entry while one stayed behind to fight it.

It was at the centre with the Personified Desires that the last Praxefia faced the main trial. Nine races had their central goal standing there in human form. The diplomatic Praxefia had to let all of them out from Gorazach's grasp. The actual outcome is uncertain to this day. Even if the races of the Nine did get their hearts' desires, Saenoch Gorazach most likely manipulated them in such a way to entertain herself. Beating the Saenoch of Desire's trial remains one of the Praxefia's greatest achievements.

Yet like all achievements of the Praxefia, it came at a price. One by one, the heroes of the Praxefia team began to burn out. Stress sickness claimed them, and when they were admitted for exhaustion they were brushed off and ignored. The Praxefia's view on achievements overshadows their view on the achiever, and many young Praxefia burn out in the pursuit of perfection. Judging by some rather shady records on mental health and stress, Aquentor's citizens try to cover up the truth behind their 'effortless' success.

Whilst the advanced all-rounders of the Nine find reward and security in achievement, there are others that can't even remain secure with each other. No matter how small or insignificant the cause is, for some out there, war will never end...

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