Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


29. The Two and Only - Saenoch Moran

Please, do not fall for the schemes of Saenoch Moran, he who commands the sphere of Maddening Secrecy. The hoarder of that which only madmen know. He is the harmless maid, the gentleman bard, the withered crone, the redhead fool who dances to the beat of his own drum.

Saenoch Moran is one of the lesser known Saenochs in that unlike the others, we have no way of knowing his motives, methods, or much about him. Moran keeps those things as his own little secrets. We only learned of his sphere when he descended to the Nine many years ago to the Nakleel village of Bythedale, to meet with one Corala.

Corala was always a superstitious one, even more than Tinur worshippers, though she honoured Zaeglar. She believed that knowledge lost meant lives lost, and so hoarded every little bit of information that came her way. One day, a loose page torn from a book came fluttering her way, and she caught it. It appeared to be from a book on mythology, detailing a prophecy known as 'NaVurous' which would wipe the village of Bythedale into the swamps. This was exactly the kind of information she needed for her collection, for if she knew it was coming, she could avoid the disaster or stop it in its tracks. Maddeningly for her though, the page didn't mention any details about the signs of the coming NaVurous, just what it involved. Corala had to know, she simply had to, and began searching for the book it had been torn from. She still searches to this day, driven mad in her quest for the secrets of the fictional NaVurous prophecy. Saenoch Moran had written that one page, but will never write the book it goes in.

Corala and the NaVurous prophecy isn't the only time Moran utilised his power over madness and secrets to cause chaos upon the Nine. Few recall a time as confusing, as bloody, as when the Mad King Erantiran was on the throne of Remand. Even for the descendant of a Returned, he was an abnormal Evemeni.

King Erantiran wasn't fully Evemeni, you see. His mother had been an avid mage, and was able to dominate one of Moran's Aquarius servants into visiting her in her chambers, concieving a child with the Aquarius. After birth, even Erantiran's mother thought him a strange child, who grew into a stranger monarch. His Aquarius father had been connected to the very essence of Saenoch Moran, and had passed this bond to madness on to the future Mad King of the Evemeni.

The reign of Mad King Erantian is one of the darkest times in Remand's history, on par with the Returned of Qohamn. Erantian's demented paranoia and lust for pain sickened many members of his court, not to mention foreign ambassadors to Remand. Some even thought the Mad King associated with his Saenoch ancestor, Thixur, and that was the source of his love of cruelty. The Evemeni people had put up with him for long enough, and thus a contract for the Mad King was placed with the assassin's guild Gutsodality.

When two BloodBlades came for the Mad King, they found his corpse upon the master bed. At least what appeared to be his corpse. The paranoid Erantiam had commissioned a wax figure of his postmortem self, leaving it upon the bed and fleeing down what were servant passages to the catacombs beneath the Palace of Fire Opal. Deep within the catacombs, many of Saenoch Moran's Aquarius servants lay in wait to ambush any attempted assassins, but the master burial chamber held Mad King Erantium's darkest secret.

He'd commissioned the portal to Moran's section in secret, the swirls of pinkish red and glossy black stretching forward to the section of Manalakes. When the Mad King emerged from hiding within the Saenoch's section, both assassins struck, and his soul left in the form of an Aquarius that battled the two Bloodblades until it expired. At its death, the Saenoch of maddening secrecy himself appeared, blessing the two assassins for eliminating the false Aquarius. The Bloodblades were given the blessing of creativity, allowed to see the secrets told by the artists.

The insatiable curiosity felt when we know a secret can drive us mad, and into his palms. The Saenoch of Maddening Secrets is everywhere, but he has set his sights on one particular Evemeni. Clouds of Dust obscure the young lad from view, but it won't be long until he moves them aside...

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