Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


2. It Is Though It Shouldn't - The Saenochs

Trying to understand the motives behind the Saenochs will end as well as pressing a dagger to your tonsils and trying not to gag. They are unknowable in why they act as they do, but our closest guess is that they have no mortal sense of good and evil, and thus feel no guilt. This has lead to many acts considered both blessings and curses for some and all. Yes, though different at the core, all Saenochs enjoy causing mischief on the lands in more ways than one.

Saenoch Baeldun is the Saenoch of Control and Order. Appearing as a tall and thin warrior seemingly constructed out of white ice, he views the mortal world as needing untangling and putting right. To him, the mortal world has been put under illusions to view unreal things as real. Like free will, creativity, and individuality. He believes these illusions came from knowing too much, and thus he has declared himself the sworn enemy of Saenoch Zaeglar. When dealing with Saenoch Baeldun, one gets the feeling of being a paper doll in a chain; perfectly made, but simply a faceless, identity-less copy.

Saenoch Cimozar, Saenoch of Cycles and Motion, takes many forms. All Saenochs can change their appearance at will, but Cimozar seems to enjoy shifting from phase to phase more than most. Most commonly she appears as a black-haired East Asian woman clutching a newborn baby on one side with a sword on the other. She wears a white, ankle-length shirt and red, wide-legged trousers similar to a Vietnamese Ao Dai, and both garments are splattered with the blood and waters of the womb.
As guardian of Cycles and Motion, she is responsible for everything never-ending. The phases of the moons, the cycle of life and death, and the changes within the natural world. Honoured by many, she decided to give a blessing to mortals, attuning them to the phases of the moons Plateau and Abyss. Those touched by her blessing would slowly transform into benevolent creatures - such as the gentle deer, the wise owl, and the strong bear - as the moons waxed and turn back as they waned.
Yet another Saenoch, Thixur of Ravage and Immorality, saw too much good in her gift and hijacked it. Instead of the benevolent creatures, those touched by her blessing would become the nightmares of the nine lands. Serpents, rats, vultures, lions, crocodiles, vampires, and other loathed perversions of the most hated creatures.
In shame and mourning, Cimozar became a recluse, knowing this act could never be undone. Her mourning was not just for the mortals her blessing had touched, for she had extended her gift to her only child, Mepasir.

Saenoch Geobach is the Saenoch of Repulsion and Rejection. Nobody knows why she chose to become what mortals fear most, only that no two people see her the same way. Some see Geobach as a skittering cockroach wriggling its antennae all over them. Some see her as a beggar stricken with disease, their skin pitted with clusters of holes containing oozing boils. Yes, Geobach delights in watching skin crawl, and yes she grants gifts of disregard, repulsion, pity, fear, and disease to those she takes a liking to, but those unfairly rejected find a strange comfort in the presence of her. Karicarya who do not fit their strict standards, Kjolica weakened by youth or age, and those outcast by their own kind know that there will always be a place for them with Geobach.

Saenoch Gorazach, Saenoch of Desire and Satisfaction, is a troublemaking Saenoch with more than a healthy love for stirring up chaos. Commonly appearing either as a pre-teen girl in a red dress with a dog's tail, or a tall and skinny Karicarya boy with long, black hair to his ankles and a dog's tail, Gorazach enjoys nothing more than the carnage caused by playing with mortal desires. If you wish for something, she'll give it to you. You may not see this as troublesome, but when you're not sure if you truly desire it or if she's making you desire it, then the fun starts for her. Whether it be granting your wish in the complete opposite way to what you want, or taking back her gifts at the most inconvenient times, this Loki-like Saenoch always knows the perfect way to be entertained at a mortal's expense.

Saenoch Mepasir, Saenoch of the Scapegoat, is the only child of Cimozar. In her youth, she was innocent, guileless, and possessed a simple beauty that would have served her well after accepting her mother's blessing to mortals. Yet that was not to be. The disruption of the blessing by Saenoch Thixur extended to her, and transformed her into an abomination amongst the Saenochs. With scales and fangs like a rattlesnake, yet the fur and bite of a coyote, the humanoid monster that was once Mepasir now made a perfect bride for the cause of such chaos, Saenoch Thixur. The night the blessing was delivered, Thixur stole Mepasir and claimed her as his bride, celebrating their union by setting her on fire and letting her burn.
Forever on the end of an iron chain around her neck, Mepasir now lives in constant pain, even when her captor husband isn't practicing new methods of immorality on her. A bright girl, she worked out than when Thixur was focused on her, he was not causing mortals pain and suffering, so welcomes the torment with open arms. She is immortal, mortals are not, so she can take their pain for them. Some even claim Mepasir relieves pain from victims of immorality, so that she is in constant pain even without her husband's presence.

Saenoch Moran is the Saenoch of Maddening Secrecy. The half-dead jester juggling whatever comes to hand. His methods and motives are unknowable, for they change at will. All we know is that he delights in divergence, difference, and utter madness. Whether blessing people with the unknowable secrets that madmen know, or taking those abnormal ones under his wing, Moran's almost Cicerian approach to insanity and the insane is...confusing, to say the least.

Saenoch Skaxal, Saenoch of Strength and Ambition, is the four-legged foe of all mortals. With a crest of green curled horns, orange skin, and a belt of every weapon ever made from greatswords to shotguns, Skaxal sees the mortal races and the lands they inhabit as small, weak, and an embarassment too pathetic to exist, for he believes only the strongest deserve to live. Many times he has broken through the barrier of the sky to conquer the lands by right of strength, but every time he tries, there are always heroes with the ambition to drive him back to his realm.

Saenoch Thixur, Saenoch of Immorality and Ravage, is often regarded as the purest form of evil. Appearing as a blue-skinned giant with a skeletal tail, a skull-like face, horns growing from his jaw like insect pincers, and a row of spikes down his spine, Saenoch Thixur creates and thrives upon immorality, bloodshed, and fear. Taking the form of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, Prince of Domination, Enslavement, Rape, and Corruption from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online, he ensures those that face him in his full and terrible form know there is nowhere to hide and no hope of salvation.
His followers to him are nothing but pawns that he can crush as he wishes, or get others to crush for him. Worship of Thixur is punishable by death on most lands, with hunters knowing exactly how to find his devotees. Simply prick a suspected worshipper all over for a spot that feels no pain, as that's a sign of going through a degrading ritual in his name. Hunters are paid for each worshipper they find, and where there's money, corruption soon follows. At this disregard of life in favour of money - such an immoral act - Saenoch laughs like the Joker at the mortals' feeble attempts to find their Batman.

Saenoch Tinur, Saenoch of Omens and Deception, is the many-headed liar. This pale-faced, red haired woman is able to remove her face and replace it with another when she desires a new look, thus lying to everyone who looks upon her without saying a word. Tinur's love of deception and manipulation extends to the spreading of bad omens onto the lands. Some of which come true, most of which are lies, but it's impossible to tell which ones until it's too late. Those unfortunate enough to meet Tinur, or enter her realm, come away forever paranoid and reclusive, unable to ever trust another mortal again.

Saenoch Tozahr, Saenoch of Betrayal and the Mind, appears as a tall warrior with long, silver hair to their knees and a red cloak around their shoulders. Though gender means nothing to the Saenochs, Tozahr is unique amongst them as no matter the form they take, Tozahr is always a bilateral gynandromorph. Every cell on the left half of their body is male, and every cell on the right half of their body is female, with a clear divide right down the middle. Similar to the Hindu god Ardhanarishwara, a form of Shiva, and Lord Vivec from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Because of Saenoch Tozahr's enjoyment of betrayal and psychological torture, one would think they would ally with the Saenoch of Immorality, Thixur. However they are sworn enemies, divided over whether mortals have the right to exist. Saenoch Tozahr's hatred of Thixur stretches far enough for Tozahr to offer sanctuary and protection to his unwilling bride Mepasir, for a bride betraying her groom is a delight for Tozahr to behold.

Saenoch Zaeglar, Saenoch of Collection and Knowledge. Nobody knows what they appear as, for nobody's ever seen them. They never leave the fathomless cavern at the bottom of their realm, and rarely speak to mortals. Zaeglar's realm is completely underwater, with a sunken city of waterlilies, destroyed statues, and deep crevices filled with seaweed. It's assumed Saenoch Zaeglar has a kind of friendly rivalry with his fellow Saenochs, for he has engaged them in battles of wits and challenged them at their own games many times over, rarely losing to his peers. Zaeglar hoardes knowledge, keeping the wisdom secured in eldritch bottles of silver stoppered by a bone of some sort. Drink the black substance within and be blessed with newfound knowledge, but find and drink too many bottles and you may be driven mad from addiction.

The heart-blood of All-Father does enjoy causing chaos and disrupting the lands, but without the nine lands beneath the barrier, their mortal playthings would never exist. For where there are players, there are games. Where there are kings, there are pawns.

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