Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


22. Empty Fulfilment - Saenoch Gorazach

She is the most commonly seen Saenoch, though she rarely descends to the Nine. Her image can be seen in most towns on every Land, painted somewhere onto a pub sign. That or visit the Evemeni city of Eindkerk and take a stroll through the district with red brick roads. You'll see her painted onto the lanterns outside the many windows, lit by red light and shadowed by the men and women inside, advertising one of the most primal desires. Places of desire and sins, such as the aforementioned bars and bordellos, are temples to Saenoch Gorazach, mistress of the sphere of desire and satisfaction. Offer her a bottle of alcohol - the good kind, none of the cheap stuff that tastes like battery acid - as her two most common forms look too young to buy it themselves, and she will appear.

Gorazach has two main forms, but only one is found in mortal artwork. That form is that of a young, redhead girl of around ten years old, wearing a red dress and a red bow in her hair. She appears no different than any other Amaena ten year old, until the husky tail slips out from underneath her skirt. In every form she takes, from the Karicarya boy with ankle-length hair to the red, pulsing mist, Saenoch Gorazach always has a canine tail poking out from her lower back.

She did not originally come with the dog's tail. No, that came after the Saenoch of desire and satisfaction met with the Saenoch of collection and knowledge. Gorazach had been arguing with Zaeglar over the importance of desire in the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge, she claimed, was nothing without the desire to obtain and use it. Information is nothing if one does not desire to do anything with it. From deep in the trenches within his realm, Saenoch Zaeglar chuckled, and a sleek, feline tail sprang from the base of her spine. Zaeglar proposed that if desire was so powerful, Gorazach wouldn't need the knowledge to remove the cat tail. They watched from down within their hidden trench, amused as Gorazach switched between her many forms, trying to shed the sleek tail. Instead it stayed put, only changing shape or pattern as the Saenoch became a glowing mist, a flock of magpies, and eventually a haughty cat with two tails.

Exasperated, the Saenoch paused, her feline tail swishing behind her. She bit her lip and looked behind her, and watched it turn from sleek and grey to full and marmalade orange. Her desires were strong enough to alter the feline tail behind her into whatever form she wished, and thus she made the bones within stiffen, the fur bristle and roughen, and the tail itself curl upwards into a slight sickle shape. Gorazach declared she had won, for the Saenoch of knowledge and collection had said she had to remove the cat tail, which she had done. She'd just chosen to replace it with a husky dog tail, and Zaeglar had said nothing about removing the tail full stop. Though beaten, Gorazach had technically not lost, having exploited a loophole in Zaeglar's challenge. She calls her dog tail a sign of triumph at outwitting the Saenoch of knowledge and collection, but in reality, she can never get rid of it.

Her headstrong and arrogant ways have caused issues for mortals too, for Gorazach also takes control of that which causes desire and drives satisfaction. Celebrations, times of heightened emotion, sins of lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, wrath, and pride, and wishes, can influence mortals to desire much and crave satisfaction. Those desperate to satisfy their heart's desires come to Saenoch Gorazach and share a strong drink with her. Gorazach despises dealing with sober people, for they are nearly impossible for her or her Leo servants to manipulate. Intoxicated people never fail to forget the loopholes in their wishes.

Loopholes such as the one allowing Yosh-Ibrayne-Bola to somewhat win a wager against Saenoch Tozahr when he was taken as the Sherel for the Mind Feast. Yosh-Ibrayne-Bola beseeched Gorazach into defending him against Saenoch Tozahr and forcing them to accept a wager in exchange for clearing the way. Sure enough, Tozahr cleared the way, and the foolish Sherel realised he had lucked out when he appeared before the Saenoch of betrayal and the mind and they said Gorazach had promised them his head. Gorazach appeared before Yosh-Ibrayne-Bola, declaring that there was no mention of his neck in the bargain, and Tozahr couldn't take his head without harming his neck. Enraged at being bested, the Saenoch of betrayal and the mind had to let the Sherel go, but not before sewing then cauterising his lips together so he could never speak of Tozahr's loss to anyone. Gorazach was the only true winner when it came to a wager, and that's exactly how she likes it.

If Saenoch Gorazach is all mortals desire and what they will do to satisfy them, there is another that is what churns their stomachs and sends cold sweat running down their backs. One who skitters and slithers at the corner of mortal vision, shut away of sight but not out of mind...

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