Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


28. Clan Power - Saenoch Skaxal

It is rare to see him in his section beyond the barrier, for he keeps returning, hoping for at least one success. He has threatened every Land from south to north, Pellen to Menti, but every time he delivers on his threats, he's always beaten back to where he came from.

Saenoch Skaxal lords over the spheres of Strength and Ambition, an orange-skinned giant with a crest of long, green, curled horns. When he is in his section beyond the barrier, each of his feet stands upon one of the four pillars of his virtues, rising like blackened fingers over the clouds of ash and sand that form his realm. Whilst glancing down at his hoardes of Aries servants, he tends to the many weapons hanging from chain belts. Blades, hammers, axes, pistols, bows, shotguns, staffs, crossbows, anything and everything designed with the sole purpose of killing is worn like a badge of honour upon his body. War is never far away from Skaxal, and he is always ready for a chance to prove himself in battle, no matter the cause of it.

By far, Skaxal prefers it when he is the cause of battle and war, especially when it takes place on the Nine Lands. To him, the mortals down below are an embarrassment, and a good war is what's needed to wipe out those mortals he deems as unworthy. Survival belongs to those with the strength and ambition to make it through, and as he masters those spheres, all below him are nothing but failures, too weak to survive.

Such was the reasoning behind his invasion of the southern lands: Pellen, Shamni, Kazidzo, and Remand.. The rulers of the four southern lands, the Thortlaloc Government, the Clan Elders, the Tribrigade, and the Royal Family Myshthakar, were weak to Saenoch Skaxal. Unwilling to show their strength and possessing little ambition, those in power down south were unwilling to look past their narrow goals and spread wide, forging empires through right of conquest. Accompanied by a battalion of Aries, Skaxal descended upon Shamni, sending his forces across to all the southern lands while he turned the Great Empty of Shamni's desert into a fortress for him to command. He would wait for the unworthy rulers to face him themselves, striking them down one by one until the unworthiness was purged.

What he didn't count on was the forging of a great many heroes from all of the Nine. Ones not just from the standing armies of Pellen, Shamni, Kazidzo, and Remand, but from all walks of life. Some allied themselves to the Thortlaloc Government of Pellen, standing with the High Court and High House to defend them.

Some pledged their hands to the Clan Elders of the Sherel, guided by and defending the oldest and wisest of Shamni's most influential families.

Some assigned themselves to the Tsalena Tribrigade, a council of three trusted Tsalena - Ceenusa, Ruches, annd Shiasos - on their ninth reincarnation, that had learned and experienced much despite their youthful appearances.

And some swore themselves to the reigning monarchs of Remand's royal family, brother and sister Prince Wraxlead and Princess Zaelith Myshthakar, and the Evemeni Standing Army at their beck and call.

Barely a year after Skaxal released his Aries servants and annexed the desert of Shamni, an army of warleaders from the four descended upon the Great Empty, beating back waves of Aries to go toe-to-toe with the Saenoch of strength and ambition himself. Some of those heroes claim they alone faced Skaxal in single combat, whilst others say they fought as a collective army. Where the truth lies has been lost to history, and only those who were there know the truth.

Skaxal continues to be a threat to the mortals of the Nine, descending to test their ambition and strength to see if they are worthy of surviving. Whilst Skaxal tests their strength, Tozahr tests their minds, Gorazach tests their resistance to temptation, Zaeglar tests their intellects, and Thixur breaks their morality. The shattered remains are put in order by Baeldun, and given a place with Geobach if none others will take them. Tinur tests to see if they can handle the lies within their world, Mepasir takes their pain unto herself if it becomes too much, and Cimozar brings the cycle to a close. Yet there is one who adds vibrancy to the cycle. Manic vibrancy, and demented darkness...

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