Nine in Water, Many Beyond

In the tongue of the Karicarya, their world means 'Adoring Sunrise'. In the Saenoch's speech, it is 'Open Palm'. The name of this world is unknown as of this writing, but most other subjects...well, that's a different story.


13. Amiable Magic - The Amaena

"Oooh, twinkle twinkle sparkly magic! Wait, where is it? Where is all your fancy magic, Amaena? Huh? Go on, ginger, make those bars disappear if you're so magical! No? Not so powerful after all! Yeah, the only disappearing act you'll do will be when they drag you off to the axe! That's right, you're going to die in here! Die!"

Theirs is a land unlike the others. Herlenne did not not design her landscape to show off for the other lands, to test her mortal inhabitants, or to wipe all mortals off her surface. Visitors to Herlenne describe her as a lush, green countryside, complete with rolling hills, flower-speckled meadows, and cool forests. Small, silver fish dart through the crystalline waters of her streams and rivers, wild fae flitter around their colonies in hollow trees, and even glittering wisps of pure magic drift through the warm air. Herlenne is a land touched by magic, from her landscape to her mortals.

The Amaena were made from the blossoms drifting on the breeze with wisps of pure magic blended in, and it shows on every inch of their five-foot-nine frames. Their skin is a delicate peachy pink, their eyes are light colours ranging from hazel to blue-grey, and more often than not their hair is a deep, flaming red. Both men and women tend to have top-heavy "apple" body types, and have an elegant, cat-like way of walking. Though not particularly gifted at anything intensely physical, nor blessed with a rogue's agile fingers and silent footsteps, find any mage on the Nine and it's guaranteed they will be an Amaena.

Even in the safety of the womb, an unborn Amaena is attuned to the magic found in everything upon Herlenne. The mother feels the sparks of pure magic the child harnesses as they attune themselves to their magical style, and supernatural events tend to occur around the both of them. An Amaena pregnant with a future biomancer will often wake up surrounded by deer, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, or curious fae every morning from conception to birth. It may sound like a scene from a fairytale, but for the unfortunate mother of a future necromancer or pyromancer, waking up surrounded by black, wispy wraiths or a circle of crackling flames feels more like a scene from a horror movie.

After birth, an Amaena continues to influence and be influenced by magic. The capital city of Atromsity is home to Raeferra Academy of the Arcane, a magical university equal to Aquentor's famous colleges of the arts and sciences, and the colourful bursts of light coming from within its many towers can be seen from all across the Nine. Even the Evemeni of Komars City and Ember on the opposite side of the Nine get a small light show most nights. Within Raeferra Academy, the very rules of magic itself get bent, twisted, and redefined. Especially since Raeferra Academy got a new student.

Nobody knows where they came from, some even doubt they were ever an Amaena, but the newest student at Raeferra Academy had a curious gift for magic alongside their standard specialisation. They could combine more than one type of magic together, wielding multiple spells and casting them both at the same time, first demonstrating this power during a lesson on wards. The student not only blocked the practice acid spray, but transformed some of it into raw health and absorbed it. A combination of Blessing and Transmutation magic - or a combination of any kind of magic - had never been seen before across the Nine, and the new student was one to watch.

Though they weren't just watched by the Masters of Raeferra Academy. Even on Herlenne, where magic is abundant and used by all, there are some mages who prefer to use the arcane arts for more nefarious purposes. Covens of immoral necromages, vampires, wereboars and wicked practitioners of Domination magic are sadly frequent upon Herlenne, and several were intrigued at the news of this magical prodigy. One who could combine spells could be very useful in the underbelly of the magical world, and not just on Herlenne. The dark side of magic grows outwards like a spiderweb, and the hub where the gossamer strands stretch out from lies within the city under a city.

It was within the underground city of Istralazar that the student prodigy was taken one night. Hit with a paralysis spell then stolen away by a traitor professor, the student prodigy lost contact with Raeferra Academy and was left to battle their way out from the labyrinth of Istralazar. And not just against Amaena. Herlenne's indigenous race have a natural gift for calming an opponent and allowing them to communicate with otherwise hostile opponents. This allowed for an international network of wicked Domination mages, vampires, illegal necromages, wereboars, and other magical outcasts to form within the bowels of Istralazar. All with their own weaknesses, all with their own immunities.

How the student prodigy managed to escape Istralazar is unknown, but it was confirmed that they did make it to the equivalent above-ground city, Hedge. Who exactly the traitor professor was still remains as much of a mystery, as does the eventual fate of both them and the student prodigy. The Amaena prefer to cover up any record of bloodshed and battle happening on Herlenne. All that is confirmed is that the ability to combine magic has been confined just to the land of Herlenne. At least for now. Who knows what secrets the student prodigy left during their escape from Istralazar, and who knows who could find them.

Whilst the Amaena get along and seek survival through magic and partnerships, there are others out there whose very lives are proof of the power of independant survival. Yet while the other races see survival as a fight, they see it as proof that life is short, so best make the most of it while you've got it...

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