Being a famous bassist is not always easy, especially not when you are forced to go to some stupid summer camp you never wanted to attend in the first place. Determined to get revenge over the person who ruined his summer, Calum begins to plot his revenge. However, not even in his wildest dreams did he think that it would actually turn out to be the wildest summer of his life. Twists and turns and no going back is what Calum ends up facing and heartbreak was never a part of his plan.

"It wasn't like that and you know it! I- I can explain!" My voice shook as I tried to keep myself from shattering in front of her.

"No need, I know everything about your little plan. I can't believe that I actually trusted you, I'm such a fool." With one last burning stare she turned around and ran away, leaving me to gather my own broken pieces this time.


1. Plotting revenge


He knew he was going to regret agreeing to do this. As they drove down the road towards what he was sure was going to be the most boring summer of his life, he ran the conversation he had had with his manager over in his head, trying to figure out where he went wrong in his argumentation since he lost the discussion. Of course he knew where he went wrong, it wasn’t just the way he had spoken his case, but everything before that; the partying, the oversleeping and being late, but most of all, his attitude. He knew that they were all starting to get sick and tired of his so-called “bullshit” but he couldn’t see the problem. He was acting just like any other rock star would while having the time of his life, doing what he did best. But that was not how their management saw his actions and therefore, he was now forced to spend his entire summer watching over a bunch of random kids at a summer camp that Luke always volunteered at since he stopped being a kid there himself. If you asked Luke, it was the most amazing place to spend your summer. Calum rolled his eyes thinking back at how Luke had described the place when he suggested that the band could volunteer together. It’s amazing! He had said. You guys are going to love it! There is bonfires every night, and some of the camp counselors play music for the kids while we roast marshmallows! Plus, there is a lake that the older camp members go swimming in after the kids are put to sleep. Calum couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his fellow band mate’s excitement. If it stood to him, he would be spending the summer they had off, with nothing but booze and some hot chicks at some random beach somewhere. However as the time passed, Calum figured that the only way to get revenge over Luke for ruining his summer, was to make it the worst year yet for Luke at his precious camp. A smile grew on his face as he thought about all the ways he could ruin Luke’s love for the camp and he promised himself that he would not stop until he had succeeded. Staring at the back of Luke’s head, his smile turned into a smirk. Let the summer begin, he thought as the car took the last turn and drove through the forest leading to the camp. 

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