[K] Slate

The gold King kept the Slate under his control for over half a century. But he did not do it alone, instead he had help.

Momozawa Izumi is the whole reason why the gold King has been able to keep the Slate under his control. Made from the power of the Slate, Izumi can control and create auras of all the Kings. Supposedly, she's stronger than all of them.

But after the Kagutsu Carter incident, Izumi disappeared.

(This Fanfiction is also on Wattpad! But it's MINE!!!)


3. Chapter 1

At the Homra bar, Izumo was behind the counter polishing his wine glass. The bar was closed and empty except for Totsuka and Anna who were playing a little game of cards together. The others were out doing what they did in their free time. Izumo liked the silence that the bar emitted when it wasn't filled with his noisy clansman, but he sort of missed it, when it was too quiet for his liking.

Just as he was thinking of repolishing his wine glasses again, the door to the bar opened, sending the small and light bell that hung over door, jiggling with ease and a not of surprise. Izumo, looking up to see who it was, saw that it was Mikoto. The king and leader of the red clan—also known as Homra.

As usual, Mikoto had a calm and maybe cute collected face to him. His red aura though, was raging violently in the air as he stood by. Totsuka and Anna had seen him, they had stopped their game, and Anna, being curious and attached as ever, bounded over from her spit on the couch and over to Mikoto. Her snow light white hair shining like a silver moonlight and her red dress fluttering gracefully as she walked over to him.

"Mikoto?" Anna said quietly as she approached him. "Who's that?" For the first time since Mikoto entered the bar, Izumi noticed that Mikoto had brought over a girl with him. The girl was in his back, unconscious.

Mikoto glanced over his back gently, caring not to wake the girl up. "I found her..." He said. Anna blinked and nodded. Leading Mikoto to his favourite red couch, Anna helped Mikoto get the girl down from his back and down to the couch.

Izumo sighed and got out his first-aid kit to treat the girl. It took about of time, but soon, he had the girl cleaned of her scratched and bandaged with gauss and bandaids. "I wonder why such a beautiful woman would be doing with so many wounds..." Totsuka said coming up to stand beside the others. He had his video camera on and was video taping the girl while she slept.

Izumo shot him an irritated look. "Video taping a girl while she sleeps isn't very gentleman like." he said with an annoyed smile. Totsuka blinked apologetically and turned off his video camera off. Izumi sighed and looked at the girl again.

The girl was maybe in her late teens by the loops it. She had long light pink hair and faired skin. She was wearing a pink short miniskirt and a long pink and white dotted sleeve shirt. To be honest with himself, Izumo thought of her as cute—in a friend kind of way.

"So, what do with her?" Mikoto asked though the question was directed at Izumo. Totsuka and Anna had also noticed and were now looking at him. Their eyes crystallizing with silent pleading.

"Well...." Izumo sighed with defeat. "She can stay here for a while. Her wounds looked very bad. But she'll live. Once she regains consciousness, then she will have to decide from then on."

Totsuka and Anna both nodded in agreement. Mikoto however just kept on looking at the girl. His amber eyes revealing nothing of his feelings. But a spark of his red aura showed that he was getting interested. He sensed that there was something special about the girl. Something special that had pulled him to help her when he first saw her.

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