Summer rain

Who is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen when Ashton wants me to move to Australia, so we could do all the brother sister things... Well things will get complicated when I fall for one of his band mates... But he's just everything I ever wanted. He gets the pain away and gets all the mean things what people say or to to me go away. But I don't want to loose my brother because of that...




Ashley's POV

''Why you chose to come and spent the night in my room?'' Luke asks me.

''I don't know.'' I look down as we sit on the couch and watch TV. 

''Not that I was uncomfortable with this I just think that I wouldn't be your first chose.'' He says bit joking. I look at him and sigh. 

''Okay, let's assume that two of you maybe into me and I don't want to ruin their relationship.'' 

''I knew that something was up!'' Luke says and starts laughing. 

''What are you laughing about?'' I ask little bit mad.

''Nothing, nothing...'' He says still laughing. I take a pillow and start hitting him with it.

''Ouch! Stop it, you're hurting me!'' He screams in weak voice, joking. I stop and just laugh. He looks at me and starts talking again.

''But I think just hiding your feelings is little bit like suicide. You lock your feelings in and they create a hurricane inside of you, what will end up you getting hurt, along others.'' He says a sad impression on his face. I just nod and play with my fingers. I feel like I want to just broke down and cry. I found out that dad had cheated on mum and I have fucking boy problems at the same time... Ugh, fuck this. How I know that dad cheated? Well, it's basic math. Dad is forty-five and Ash is twenty-two and mum and dad have been together since they were nineteen. Forty-five minus twenty-two equals twenty-tree. I hear my phone making noise, I look at it and see that Maddie send me a message.

Maddie:Hey! Where the hell were u today and last night? 😡😡😡 U missed the dance practice and skipped school? Whats going on and what the hell is going on with the 5SOS? 😑🤔😡

Ashley:Hey, sorry... 😓 I have lot going on rn. And what comes to the guys... well Ashton is my brother. 


Maddie:Is this some kind of joke? 😠

Ashley:No I am serious... 

Maddie:What the fuck? 😱

Ashley:Yeah... 😐

Ashely:I have to go, I'll talk to u tomorrow. Gn, love ya 💖

Maddie:Gn, love ya too. 💖💕

Luke gets up and looks at me. 
''You can sleep in the bed and I can sleep here.'' He says to me. 
''No, I actually want to sleep here.'' I say and smile
''Are you sure?'' He asks
''Okay, good night.''
Good night.'' I say and hear my phone making noises again. I sigh. 
Unknown:Hey, how are u? 🤓
Ashley:Um, fine. Who is this? 😶
Unknown:Michael 😑
Ashley:Oh, I thought that u were some crazy pervert. 🙂
Mikey:Omg, thank u that makes me feel so special... 😒
Mikey:Calum thinks that we have something going on... Do we?
Ashley:I don't know. 
Mikey:Okay. Sooo what are u doing rn? 🙂
Ashley:Just watching tv, u?
Mikey:Same! What are you watching?😄
Ashley:Teen wolf, u? 😉
Mikey:Oh... My Little Pony here. 😊
Ashley:No way! 😓
Mikey:Yeah way! 
Ashley:Okay, okay, but gn now, i am kinda tired.😴
Mikey:Yeah, I would be tired too if I dreamed all day about me. 😊😉😏 Gn.
Ashley:Are you flirting with me? 😅😉
Mikey:Let's play Titanic. You be iceberg and I'll go down. 😏😏😏
Ashley:You just killed it... 😑
I put down my phone and I can feel myself just smiling. I take some pillows and a blanked and go thru my camera roll. There is some really cool and kinda artistic. Then  I get to a photo where Calum is on my right side and Michael on the left and both of them kiss my cheek. Do I have feeling for one of them? Or maybe for both of them. I sigh and pull the blanked on and shut my eyes. Soon I drift to sleep. 


Calum's POV

''Who are you talking to?'' I ask, sure that the answer is Ashley. 

''Oh, nobody special.'' He says and his phone does the ding sound again and he smiles to him self. 

''Oh come on, don't lie. You're talking to Ashley.'' I say little annoyed

''Okay, maybe I am, but so what?'' He asks

''You have feelings for her, don't you? I ask. He doesn't say anything as a yes.

''Hey, we can't fight over her.'' After a long silence Michael says.

''Yeah.'' I simply answer

''Let's do like this. We are here still a week and if she picks one of us by that time, he will get her and other one will step back. Deal?'' Michael look at me with bleeding eyes. It hurts him to do this kinda things. Deals over girls and fighting about them. But she is worth to fight. 

''Deal'' I smile and I know that this way our friendship stays the same or at least i hope so...

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