Summer rain

Who is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen when Ashton wants me to move to Australia, so we could do all the brother sister things... Well things will get complicated when I fall for one of his band mates... But he's just everything I ever wanted. He gets the pain away and gets all the mean things what people say or to to me go away. But I don't want to loose my brother because of that...


3. III


Michael's POV

''Tell them to come here.'' She says and opens the door. I go inside and she leads me to living room. 

''If you don't mind, I will go and change into some more comfortable clothes.'' She say and looks at me like she was asking permission from me. 

''Yeah, okay. I will wait here then...'' I look at her and she gives me a little smile and goes upstairs. I sit to the sofa and text the boys.


Michael: Hey, I found her. She is at her place. 

Ashton: Thank god. Is she ok?

Michael: Yeah, come to her place. 

Calum: Should we get some food or something before we come???

Michael: Yeah. Hey gotta go, be fast.


I send them the address and get up from the sofa and look at Ashley. She has a pikachu hoodie and some black sweatpants on. She looks damn good...

''So... are the other guys coming or what?'' She asks me 

''Yeah, they are grabbing some food on their way here.'' I say and still staring at her.

''Is everything ok? Why are you staring?'' She asks and looks really worried. 

''No its just... you look... well hot.'' I say and blush a bit. She giggles quietly. Then we hear someone knock on the door. Ashley goes to open the door and it's the boys. 

''Um... hey we brought pizza.'' Calums says and gives me a wild smile. 

So we talked a little bit and we start watching movies. 


Ashley's POV

We were watching third movie and it was 7 pm. Chad called me about hour ago and told me he will stay at his friends house, because they have some big project what they have to finish. And mom and dad are coming home late, so we had still time we had talked about different thing, like their experiences of their tours and what it feels like when people just come to see them... 

''So you sing too and you are really good.'' Luke says and gets me blush 

''Really you think so?'' I ask shyly 

''Yes!'' the guys shout at the same time

We continue watching movies. We are on the sofa. I sit next to Michael and Ashton, Michael on the right and Ashton on the left. We are all cuddled up with pillows and blankets. Me and Mikey share blanked. When we have watched the movie about 50 minutes I feel Michael grab my hand. It made me smile little bit.

''What are you smiling about? This is the saddest scene of the movie.'' Calum asks me confused.

''Oh, just remembered a joke I heard today...'' I lied. I took a quick look at Michael and he knew why I really smiled. 

After a hour I fell asleep. I wake up as someone is carries me upstairs, bridal style. I look up and see it's Michael. He carries me to my bedroom and he put me on my bed and tucked me. And just when he was walking out of my room...

''Mikey where are you going?'' 

''I am going to the hotel, others went already, but I said I would clean up after us...'' He tells me.

''Please stay.'' I say shyly. Why? I don't know maybe I feel safe and just good around him? 

''Why?'' He asks confused, but still gives me a smirk.

''I don't want to be alone. My parent will get home late and go back to work early in the morning.'' I lie. My parents came home late and all, but I am used to be alone... He smiles and walk over to my bed and pulls his shirt off and pants, so he has only his boxers. He comes besides me under the blanked. I cuddle up with him and I fell asleep again... 


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