Summer rain

Who is this girl? Well I am Ashley Leon, 17 soon 18. My family members are mom, dad, Chad and.... Ashton, Ashton Irwin, my half brother. What will happen when Ashton wants me to move to Australia, so we could do all the brother sister things... Well things will get complicated when I fall for one of his band mates... But he's just everything I ever wanted. He gets the pain away and gets all the mean things what people say or to to me go away. But I don't want to loose my brother because of that...


1. I



Ashley's POV

*alarm goes off    

''Shit...'' I take my phone and shut the alarm. I look at my phone Thursday 6:25 am. I get up and go to my bathroom. I start to brushing my teeth. 

So who the fuck is this girl who looks awful, because she didn't wash her makeup off last night. Well this bitch is Ashley Leon. 17, soon 18 years old. I have long, curly, brown hair and brown eyes. I am typical skater/hipster girl. I live in London with my family. Mom, dad and my little brother Chad. He is 12. 

When I have washed my face and brushed my hair, I jog to my closed. I take my high waisted black ripped jeans, pastel blue crop top and my black and gray flannel. I look at the phone and I see that the time is 7 am already. I grab my wine red chuck taylors and go to down stairs. 

''Hey sis.'' Chad said and stuffed his mouth with pancakes. 

''Hey weirdo. Did mum make pancakes before she went to work?'' I ask as I take some pancakes from Chads plate and stuff my mouth with them.

''Hey!'' Chad screams angrily. So I take one pancake out of my mouth and ask

''Do you want it back, I don't mind.'' and i give him a smirk. 

''Ugh! You are disgusting!'' He screams.

''Okay, okay... School starts soon, so eat and get going.'' I tell him and grab my bag and skateboard and get going. 

When i arrive to school I see my best friend Madison aka Maddie. She's been my best friend since 1st grade. She has black hair, dark brown eyes and dark skin. 

''Hay babe, are you coming to dance practice?'' She asks me

We have danced about eight years. We have danced to different styles, but right now we have street dance, breakdance and ballet. 

''Hey bitch, of course I am coming.'' I reply to her.

Me and Maddie have lot of hobbies, but we only do dance and self-defense together. 

We walk to our lockers and take some books and then the bell rings. Our firs class is math. Our teacher talks little bit and then gives us our assignments. Our teacher lets us listen music while we were doing our assignments, but of course with our earbuds on. I put my earbuds on and went to my Spotify and but on my playlist. There was some my favorite bands: Hey Violet, All Time Low, Greenday, Coldplay, Good Charlotte... and of course there was my favorite band of all of these: 5 Seconds Of Summer. I haven't seen them in real life and the last time they had concert here I didn't have the money for it ,because I bought myself a Polaroid camera.

The class ended and I went to my next class, what we didn't share with Maddie. I had health... shit... I go to the class and sit down to my seat. I hate health. The teacher mr. Talbert makes sexual jokes about our, girls, bodies and checks out our ass and boobs. So this wasn't torture at all. I hope you notice the sarcasm in my tone... 

Mr. Talbert once looked at me, but that was all. Thank god! After health I have music, literally the only class I am here for today. 

''Hey whore!'' I hear from behind me. I turn around and I see its Marcus and behind him is Maddie. 

''Hey fuckboy!'' I say back at him and smile. Marcus is one of my and Maddies friends. We had our little squad. There was me, Maddie, Marcus and the twin: Ron and Renee. We are all really close, but still when we have sleepovers, Marcus and Ron aren't welcome... 

''So are you coming to the party at my place tomorrow? I really like to see you there Ash.'' He gives me a smirk.

''Oh, that's so nice, that you remember me too Marc!'' Maddie says and hits him playfully. 

''Oh... of course I want to see you there too. Or at least my friend wants... you to give him a blow job.'' He winks

''Shut up man whore.'' Maddie replies to Marc with a evil smirk. We all know who he was talking about. Travis... one of our schools pervs, who was kinda into Madison.

We arrive to music class before the bell rings and the teacher asks me to come talk to her. She asks me to play some guitar and sing, because she thinks I have beautiful voice and there will be some guys visiting our class when it starts. I agreed just because I like to perform. So I go take acoustic guitar and I rehearse. The bell rings and everyone comes to the class and my teacher gives me the sign to start. I start to play 'Backseat Serenade' by All Time Low. I am in the middle of the class and I hear when the door opens behind me, but I don't let it bother me. I feel that everyone are staring. What is going on, I have sung and played guitar in front of them before, so that shouldn't be the problem...

Backseat serenade

Little hand grenade

Oh, aren't you sick of sleeping alone?

Kiss the pain away

To your radio


I end the song and look at Maddie and Marc and they just stare on to something behind me. Then I hear clapping.

''Wow, you are really talented.'' I hear familiar voice say and I turn around. Holy shit... 

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