Promise! (A Poldark Novel)

Left alone to run the Estate and Mine while Ross faces trial for his life. Demelza, must do everything thing in her power to save her love. Death has already claimed her beloved child, Julia. She won't let it take her husband.

While receiving restless attacks from George Warleggan and others who hate Ross. Demelza turns to those who have always been close. Her cousin, Varity, Andrew, and Francis and Elizabeth, who feel indebted to her for saving their sons life. Together, they will fight for Ross to receive justice.


2. Chapter Two

Ross marched along the country side in between two armed guards. Although they were separated, his thoughts and love were with Demelza. He vowed that he would do everything in his power to get back to her. If there was any reason for him to keep going, it was her. She was his everything, his heart, his breath, his very life. He was going to get through this, for her. 

Meanwhile, Demelza knew she had no time to lose. She ran home as fast as her feet would carry her. Once she arrived to her house she sat down and wrote to Varity. 

My dear Varity,

I write to you in great need. My darling child, Julia was taken ill by a sickness so vile and harsh, that she was claimed by death. I would have died as well if God had not speared me. 

Furthermore dear Varity, Ross was arrested on false charges, brought against him by none other than George Wareggan. I fear greatly for his life, since you know well enough that justice here in Cronwall can be bought if the price is right. Ross is already on his way to the gallows, for I know he will never receive true justice or mercy.

Please dearest Varity, I beg you to come to once.

Love, your cousin,

Demelza Poldark 

She sealed it in an envelope and had delivered to her cousin and dearest friend as soon as possible. 

Demelza knew to well the punishment for the charges brought against Ross were. And she knew that he was going to need all the help he could get. Wrapping her shawl around her, she set out at once to Zack Martin. He was a close friend of Ross and loyal to him beyond measure. If anyone would do anything for Ross it was Zacy. Demelza Knocked on the door and waited. In a moment he answered, Demelza burst into tears almost at once. Zack came forward and pulled her into a hug, he then helped her into the house. She was greeted kindly by his wife, who offered her some hot tea. Demelza accepted not wishing to seem ungrateful.

"I am so sorry about your daughter, Mistress." Zack's wife comforted.

"Thank you! I came because I need your help." She said. 

"What can I do for 'ee?" Zack asked stepping in.

"Ross was arrested for wrecking, inciting a riot, and murder."

"What?!" They both asked shocked at the news.

 "But I know its not true. I just know it. Ross would never kill anyone, even if they deserved it. Please you, were with him on Hendrawna beach where you not?"

"Yes I was. So were many others Mistress."

"Did he ever get in a fight with anyone while you were there calming the cargo?"

"If he did, it was only to save another."

"And what of Matthew Sanson?" she asked. "Did he ever harm him?" Zack made no response. "Please I must know."

"No. No matter how much Ross disliked that man he would never kill him. He was already dead when Ross got to him. I saw it with me own eyes."

"Then will you testify when the time comes for Him to be put in trial?"

"Why ask? You know I will do anything for the both of 'ee." Zack said reassuring her of his loyalty.

"Thank you both so much." 

Demelza soon left to go visit Francis and Elizabeth. Francis Promised he would also do everything in his power to save Ross. He kept saying he owned Ross and Demelza his life and so much more.

They persuaded her to stay with them that night. It was, by far the hardest night Demelza had ever been trough. She was so used to having Ross beside her. She missed him so much and longed for him to be next to her again. Several times she would jerk awake to check on Julia, only to remember that she was gone. When she did realize this, Dememlza would cry for what felt like hours in her pillow. Elizabeth would hear and come to comfort her. She prayed that this was only a nightmare and that soon she would wake to be next to Ross and Julia in her house. But, sad to say, it was not a dream at all, it was very real.

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