Promise! (A Poldark Novel)

Left alone to run the Estate and Mine while Ross faces trial for his life. Demelza, must do everything thing in her power to save her love. Death has already claimed her beloved child, Julia. She won't let it take her husband.

While receiving restless attacks from George Warleggan and others who hate Ross. Demelza turns to those who have always been close. Her cousin, Varity, Andrew, and Francis and Elizabeth, who feel indebted to her for saving their sons life. Together, they will fight for Ross to receive justice.


3. Chapter Three.

Veriety sat at the breakfast table beside Andrew abroad the "Lisbon." She had been married a month and never had she known such happiness. Soon she would sail to France for a small honeymoon with her husband.

"Are you happy my dear?" Andrew questioned his bride, who seemed to be in deep thought.

"Yes I have all the happiness any girl could ask for. I was just thinking of Demelza and Ross." She said reaching out for his hand.

"You I would do anything for you. If you wish to return and go to France later I am fine with that."

"No Andrew.  I have always wanted to see France. We will have plenty of time to visit Ross, Demelza, and my

Goddaughter Julia. We will have our while lives together."

Just then a servant entered with a letter for Mistress Verity.  "For you Mistress," the servant said handing the letter to her.

"Thanks you Smith. Oh! Its from Demelza." Verity opened the letter and began to read it. A gasp escaped from her lips not a moment later.

"What is at my love?" Andrew asked.

"Julia was taken ill. She died not long after. And Ross has been arrested for the murder of Matthew Sanson. Demelza asks that we come at once. Andrew, my love, I fear we are going to have to hold off the trip to France."

Andrew stood up and putting on his captains hat said. "Well will be in Cornwall by Thursday. Have no fear my dear we will soon be at Demelza side." He bent down and kissed her softly on the cheek before leaving for the bridge.

Verity shed silent tears for Julia and even more tears for Ross. He had always been her big brother and best friend. She would do aanything for him. Unfortunately, her name was no longer held in high regard since her marriage to Andrew. Therefore, it was going to be hard for her to help. She set about to packing her and get husbands belongings. It wasn't that far of journey back to Cornwall, they would be there in a day or so, depending on the weather and the conditions of the sea.

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