Supernova Heights

She relaxed her whole body into the soft soil, using her last bits of strength to hold her head high enough to view the new world. As her vision blurred, tears came to her eyes. This was the most pleasant way she could imagine to die. Her head began to spin as she felt her body going limp. In what felt like her last breath, her eyes caught a dark figure standing in the fading light of the several suns. She strained herself to see it clearly. She thought she saw it move. She thought she saw its dark, bushy fur ruffle in a breeze. And through that fur she thought she saw two dark eyes staring at her. Before she could see the figure begin to move towards her, her vision went black. ~ Winner of the Create Your Own Worlds Competition~


8. -Brief Description-

 Dear reader,

I'm providing a more brief description of the story, mainly focusing on some of the characters and the world the story is told. If you haven't read the actual story yet, I encourage you do. I've worked hard at it for quite a while and think you might all enjoy it. 

 Hope you are well :)

 ~ K.A.M


 The story does not take place on the earth we know today. Recent science in astronomy has shown existence of other earth-like planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy, so I've decided to take on of these exoplanets and give it life.

 This particular planet in the story is one of many planets orbiting the largest star of a triple star system. Obviously not much is known about these planets except their size and where abouts they orbit around their stars, but I've added some characteristics I'd think might fit. For example, extra gravity, due to the planet being larger in size; constant lightening storms and faintly from the characters point of view, aurora borealis (more commonly known as the norther lights). Both of which being caused by the extra radiation hitting the atmosphere due to the extra suns.

 Next, the life upon the planets surface. In the story I only included a few species, but in every character description they all have one thing in common. That is being quite muscular. The animals living day to day life in this type of gravity will grow strong no matter what.

 When describing some of the species in the story, I compare some of them to some of the animals here on earth. Though all the creature on this planet seem to be a good size or two bigger, they do take surprisingly many features from the animals we commonly know here.

 One of the main characters, who is named Benetnash, is described as a half bear half wolf; having the head of a bear and the body of a wolf. But of course, it being an alien, it has some different features. First off, its eyes are quite large; second, and the most strange thing about the animal, is its tail. Twenty feet long and splaying into two about halfway up.

 Another, the sworn enemy of Benetnash, is another large four-legged furry creature who is described as a tiger. To be fair, it would appear more like a saber tooth tiger but in the story it is only described as a tiger. Besides its unusually  large paws, it has pale, soulless white eyes. (Note, I will be providing some art for these creatures).

 Next, is an animal that appears briefly in the story. It is nicknamed, fluffy dinosaur, which actually describes it quite well. It is basically like a tyrannosaurus-rex with pale yellow fur and without the teeth and claws. (since it is a herbivore) The feature that puts this animal apart is its large horns atop its head that look just like those of a ram. 

 Not many other species are mentioned throughout the story except the occasional bird, which I added the feature of having very large, vast wings. Other than this, the only other species that makes an appearance is mankind itself. And that's where the story kicks in.

 I'm going to try and not spoil too much from the actual story, just in case you haven't read it yet ;)


 Far in the future, almost unexpectedly, the sun begins to die. But when our home star dies, it doesn't just flicker out, nor will it explode in the well known supernova, for it doesn't have enough mass. When it runs out of fuel its outer layers will expand wide enough past the orbit of Venus and maybe even consume the Earth entirely. Either way, our home planet will be at least burned to a nice crisp.

 When signs of this begin to happen, a team is assembled to leave the earth and even past the solar system to go beyond to find a new planet to inhabit. It is a decent sized crew of about twenty adults and four children. Unfortunately, with great reluctance, the rest of mankind had to be left behind 

 These four children are very young, not having even started school yet. But the education they are about to go through on their twenty year journey to a new planet is very intensive. They are being trained to become the astronauts to investigate their new target home. Their names: Atlas, Oliver, Ezra and Thorn.

 They are not only taught the usual things that normal kids would learn like math and language. Their science is focused on much more and their social studies, as they call it, is learning and memorizing the characteristics of the old Earth. It is important that they don't forget what their home was once like. Training to become an astronaut isn't easy either. They learn engineering and piloting. Which could be difficult when you're limited to the space station they traveled on.

 But when the time finally came for them to enter the planet, something went terribly wrong. Something that resulted in the deaths of all the crew except Atlas. She is left alone on this planet that appears to be a dry wasteland, but is really thriving with life. And it is the creature standing off in the distance that saves her, protects her from the dangers of the bizarre planet. An alien...-

 -Anyway, I gotta go. Hope you enjoyed the story :)






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