Amnesia 2.0

Your whole life changed once you left Sydney, Australia. Leaving your best friend since birth alone, as you hoped he would forget about you and all the years you stood together. When you return years later, you find out he's been touring and living his life, maybe leaving was for the best, maybe not. Will he remember and not be a stuck up "famous" guy, or will he run back to you with arms wide open?

Read Amnesia to find out.

© Sexting 5sos
All rights reserved.
(This book follows the same plot as Amnesia, you DO NOT have to read Amnesia before you read this book)


3. Chapter Two

I was waiting to board the plane to fly to London, my eyes never leaving the entrance of the airport. 

"It'll all be okay Isla" my dad reassures me as he rubs his finger just above my knee. I look up at his face and shrug. "Isla, you can't be mad about this forever." he sighs. I look at his face intently and study it, he looks tired and defeated. This whole situation didn't help as I was screaming at him in the car before we drove here.

"I may not be able to be mad dad, but I can hold a grudge." I replied back to him, as I looked back towards the doors, hoping Calum will run here and stop this from happening, taking me with him.

I faintly heard the lady on the speaker calling for my flight to board, as this was happening my dad hugged me goodbye and wished me the best. I made my way towards the seat on my plane as I looked out of the window. 

The next time I will return is when I am seventeen, five years from now. I breathe in deeply and exhale as the plane takes off. 

I stare out the window as the plane leaves the ground and up in the air. 

`Would you like anything to drink? Maybe a bag of peanuts?" I hear the attendant ask as I look up at her face and shake my head. She sighs and sits down beside me. "Are you okay sunshine?" she asks as she looks at me intently.

"I lost my best friend" I muster out as I wipe my eyes, not noticing I was crying. 

"It'll all be okay my dear" she says as she rubs my shoulder. She goes to her cart and brings me a bottle of orange juice and a bag of peanuts. "It's on the house for you" she smiles and continues to walk down the isle.

A few moments pass by and the plane begins the descend. I look outside of the window and notice rainy skies and wind blowing. I grab my juice and peanuts as I follow everyone out of the plane and to the luggage pickup area. I grab my big suitcase and roll it to the pickup and drop off area.

"Isla!" I hear someone yelling my name as I turn towards the voice. I see my mother runs towards me and pick me up. "I missed you so much" she says happily as I nod. "How was the flight?" she asks as I follow out towards the car. 

"Good I guess" I shrug as I get into the seat her turning towards me. 

"Isla" she starts off with.

"Hope you know I just lost my best friend, if you and dad even care" I snap at her. I look outside the window of the car as she gives up on the whole 'Welcome home dear, sorry I ruined your life but lets get along'

We drive about ten minutes before we pull into the driveway of a large townhouse. My mom and dad split up because my mom was having an affair with some British dude she met online. So once my parents split up, she moved to London and got engaged to him. He has a daughter whom is four years older than me.

I follow my mother in as I smell food coming from the kitchen and music blaring upstairs. I look up at my mom and frown. 

"I know it will get some getting used to" she smiles at me slightly before leading me upstairs, and straight to the last room on the right. "You are free to paint and do anything with this room" she said putting my bag down.

"Am I able to move this room back to Sydney?" I asked as she turned to me sharply.

"I've had it up to here with your attitude Isla. You have no right to talk to me this way." she yelled.

"Yeah well you had no right to cheat on dad now did you?" I snap back silencing us all. 

"I am happy with my life right now Isla" she said coldly.

"If you weren't happy to begin with then you shouldn't have married dad" I said again before turning away from her.

A few moments later she closes the door softly before walking away. I groan before going to my suitcase unpacking everything I owned. This room had a shared bathroom, so I was guessing with the daughter.

I place my items in the bathroom then closing the door laying on my bed. I hear a light knock on my door allowing me to sit up. The door opens to a young man around my mums age. 

"You must be Isla, I'm Jack" he smiles whole-heartedly at me. I nod. "Dinner is ready, we are having pizza" he says smiling wide.

"Thanks, but I'm not hungry" i said getting up and grabbing a pair of sweats and a band tee.

"I heard your fight with your mum, and I can bring you up a slice" he offers as I nod. 

"Sure, I guess. And if you think being nice is going to change things on how I feel about you and my mum, you're mistaken" I said smiling slightly, he nods his head before closing the door.

I put on my clothes and put my hair into a high pony tail before he returns with my food. I nod at him before grabbing the plate from him.

I eat my pizza in a sad silence.

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