Amnesia 2.0

Your whole life changed once you left Sydney, Australia. Leaving your best friend since birth alone, as you hoped he would forget about you and all the years you stood together. When you return years later, you find out he's been touring and living his life, maybe leaving was for the best, maybe not. Will he remember and not be a stuck up "famous" guy, or will he run back to you with arms wide open?

Read Amnesia to find out.

© Sexting 5sos
All rights reserved.
(This book follows the same plot as Amnesia, you DO NOT have to read Amnesia before you read this book)


2. Chapter One

As Calum and I lay upon the grass in his backyard I look towards the sky then down at him. Calum and I have been inseparable since birth, our parents are best friends which allows us both to connect in a way. I stare at Calum for some time as he feels the presence of eyes upon his face, he turns his head towards me. He stares intently at my face before breaking into a huge smile. 

"Isla, can we please do something else?" he asks as I nod slowly standing up. I look around his yard and notice the soccer ball, and the soccer net. I sprint towards the ball and before Calum knows it, he's taking off after me to get the ball away from me. 

I laugh loudly as i kick the ball towards the net, scoring a goal.

"Score!" I yell loudly before Calum pushes past me. I laugh at his childlike behavior, then following him towards the net. "That was fun" I say as he rolls his eyes.

 "You practically cheated! I wasn't even ready." he says frustrated putting his hands up in the air. I roll my eyes at his childlike behavior before I scoff. "What was that scoff for?" he questions before I shrug my shoulders. "Isla" he warns, shaking his head. I roll my eyes continually just to strike a nerve. 

Calum groans and runs towards me, being too late to react he jumps on top of me causing us to fall. Calum falls on top of me putting his legs on either side of my body. 

"I may hate you right now because of your excessive eye rolling and other various rude things, but I do love you and we will always be best friends." he says quickly as I smile at him, then remembering my flight to London later tonight to live with my mother. 

My stomach churns at the thought of never going to be able to touch or hug or smile with Calum for a couple years. I keep the smile on my face and nod. 

"I love you too Calum" I say as he smiles getting off of me. 

I turn to Calum then towards the fence to see Joy and my father talking. Joy looks towards Calum and I, frowns at Calum and slightly smiles at me.

“Isla, we have to go.” My dad says coming closer as I look at Calum and then back to my father and nod.

“See you at school tomorrow” Calum smiles as I look towards my dad.

“Cant we call mum and tell her no?” I plead with him as he frowns, sighing towards me.

“You know the judge will be after us if we don’t Isla” he replies as I nod. I turn back to Calum and bite my lip.

“You're so going to hate me for this” I laugh a little as I wipe my eyes. “I have to go too London to live with my mum for a bit” I tell him as I hold his hands. Calum shakes his head repeatedly.

“No you don’t, you're lying” he shoots back, I can tell he is holding in a sob.

“When my parents separated they had this plan worked out, up until a certain age I must live with mum. I don’t want to, but I have to” I say as I let tears fall down my face.

“I'll wait for you” Calum chokes as I bite my lip to keep myself from letting a sob being released.

“That’s the thing Calum, I want you to move on. I don’t want you waiting for me when I return. You need to forget about me completely, you cant think about me either. I need you to do this for me.” I tell him, smiling through my tears.

“I cant just forget about all that we've been through Isla” he whispers as I hug him tightly. “I love you so much, please don’t leave me” he sobs into my neck.

“I love you too Cal, but you need to forget about me, us, everything. Just think of me as an imaginary friend. You need to do this.” I tell him again as he nods into my neck. I let my tears fall freely as I break away from the hug. “I love you” I whisper before turning around and walking beside my dad back to our home across the street.

I look back at Calum's house before getting into my dads car, never returning to the place I grew up. 

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