The Ghost of District 12 [Entry for Battle of the Fandoms]

Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms Competition in Films and TV . //I do not own these characters. They belong to Suzanne Collins// [Cover by AyTay]


1. Chapter 1.

         Ash. Floating freely in the wind, not a care in the world. 
         Fire. Running endlessly through the woods. 
         Alone. I'm alone in this disaster of a home. 
        "Safe." She promised we'd be safe. And together. Funny how things change in a war. 
         I reach out to touch the still smoking pile of ash that used to be my wooden house, but my pale hand sweeps cleanly through it. 
        Tears well up in my eyes as I realize what this means. I try again, it couldn't end like this. My sister needed me. I needed her. And my poor mother. Loss hit her especially hard. 
        No luck. It was as I feared. I was dead. A ghost haunting the remains of the place I'd lived sense birth. 
       Bringing my knees to my chest, I sob as images of my mother and sister flash through my fading memory. A long brown braid. Hazel eyes. A bow. A golden mockingjay.  Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The savior of so many that had been alive only days before. And my cat. My goat. Had they survived? Would I see them among the Angels?
        Looking to the sky, I stand. The sun was rising. Gorgeous beams of yellow and pink lighting up the smoking sky. 
       Slowly I make my way down the blackened street, a soft white dress dancing around my ankles. My feet are bare, but I don't feel any pain. I glance left and right, taking in the disaster. 
       A melted piece of a once gorgeous cake lays sticky on the rocks. My sister had taken me here once, I think. I'd never tasted one, we'd been too poor. But I'd heard they were delicious, and they were too pretty not to look at. 
      There was the mayors house, still leaking flames. He'd had a daughter. That's all I can remember. 
      A snapping of twigs startles me out of my trance and I turn. A fluffy orange cat with a squashed face, and intelligent green eyes stands before me, and I know without a doubt he can see me. 
      I should know him. I know I should. Memories are disappearing faster then my home. 
     "Hello." I say softly, squatting down next to him and holding out my hand. He pads over eagerly. He lovingly licks my nimble fingers. 
     "I'm going to name you." I tell him, laughing from the ticklish sensation. Looking around the ruin, I catch sight of a yellow buttercup, sprouting out of the ashes.
      "Buttercup. That will be your name." I tell the fluffy cat. He just stares at me with those emerald green eyes. 
       "Come on," I stand and start walking, the cat trails happily by my side, sniffing at different remains. 
        I glance toward the sky once more. The tip of the sun was starting to peek over the tree tops. 
        Suddenly I'm lost. I can't remember this place. What was I doing here? My memories have abandoned me. The only thing I can remember is one simple name, and I fear that too, will leave soon. Katniss. 
      "Prim," A new, deeper voice, scares me. I turn but see nothing. 
      "Up, my daughter." I glance up and emerging from the rising sun, was a tall,  dark, older stranger. 
       Suddenly, all my memories come tumbling in. My name's Prim. Katniss is my sister. I'm in District 12 and emerging from the sky was my father...the spitting image of Katniss. And surrounding him, was people I loved. My friends. My family. 
      "Prim, it's time. You need to come with me." He outstretches his warm hand.
       Tears well up in my blue eyes, I glance at my ruined home. 
       "We're waiting for you. Everyone, is waiting for you to come home."  
       Slowly I bend down and hug Buttercup, one last goodbye. I study my pet, and realize, he's crying. Wet cat tears are leaking from his eyes, damping his dirty fur. Each of us was loosing the other, the best friend that had been there sense the beginning. The comfort in the darkest time. 
       "Goodbye," I weep. He curls up between my feet as too keep me with him. Forever and always. 
       My father gathers me close. 
      "Are you ready?" I nod, taking in one last glimpse of my home, and friend, then close my eyes, letting the Angels take me: the ghost of District 12. 

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