One Direction and 5SOS Imagines

Hey guys! I'm still gonna write on my other story, "Love's Hard", but i thought that i would make some imagines for the fans of One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer. Sooooooo comment it up on who you like and a little about you, and i'll do the rest! Thanks!


1. Larry Stylinson (This is just for fun)

Louis' p.o.v.

I waited in our dressing room until Paul told me that I and the rest of the lads can go on stage. I was sitting on the couch just thinking, thinking about him, the guy that makes me happy, Harry Styles. The management doesn't want us together, I hate it. I looked at the door as it opened and I saw my blonde crazy Irish friend, Niall.

"Hey lad." He said as leaning over the couch looking at me. 

"Hey Nialler. What's up?" I asked looking away faking a smile. He jumped over the couch and sat beside me.

"You okay?" He asked concerned. I looked at him, I can't tell him what's wrong.

"I'm fine, thanks." I said standing up fixing my shirt. He stood up and walked over to my fridge and ate some pizza that was in there. As I was grabbing some water Harry, Liam and Zayn walked in.

"Who's ready for an ass kicking show!?!?!?! Zayn yelled excitedly. I smiles and walked past Harry to the bathroom and all of a sudden, he grabbed my arm. I turned and looked at him.

"What are you doing Har?" I asked confused. He gave me "The look", the look that told me that he was worried about me. 

"What's wrong Lou?" He asked. I looked past him and saw the guys playing PlayStation and eating pizza. I looked at him as he was waiting for a respond. 

"I ju-" Right as I was about to tell him what's wrong Paul walked in and Harry dropped my arm and looked at him. 

"Let's go boys, it's show time." He said trying for us to hurry.

"I'm going to use the restroom fast hang on." I said running to the bathroom and peeing and then running to the other guys. 

"Go boys, have fun." Paul said as we took our microphones and went on stage. The concert went by so fast that it was like a flash. We walked backstage to our dressing room and all sat on the couch. I plopped myself next to Harry and Zayn, right as Paul walked in with the rest of the team. I got as close as I could to Harry as possible without anyone knowing that I had my arm around his back. He smiled and listened to what the crew were saying. I was in my own little world just thinking about Harry. 

"We all will be staying in a hotel tonight. You boys will be sharing a split room. You guys can split it up yourselves when we get there. We did have to order a twin bed for one room so you guys can all sleep apart. I felt Harry's hand squeeze my shoulder as in he's trying to tell me something. Oh Harry, I have the same idea.  I smiled and they all left. We all changed and got ready to go. We all put our stuff on the bus and I jumped in my bunk and laid down until we were ready to move. Thirty minutes later i felt a hand slide up my leg and then someone jumping in my bunk and shutting the curtains.

"Lou. You have to tell me what's wrong." I heard Harry say as if he was my parent. I looked at him from what I could see because it was dark.

"I think i'm now." I said biting my lip trying to hide it. He smiled and laid down behind me. 

"Harry we'll get in trouble if they see us together like this." I said turning to look at him.

"Louis. How long do you think we can keep this a secret? How long do we have to hide our love? It's harder than it looks to not show my love for you." He said whispering really quiet. I looked down and closed my eyes.He put his finger under my chin making me look at him.

"Boobear, this is our life. We just have to keep our heads up and keep going. Our love is strong, that is what's keeping us going. I know you might hate keeping it a secret but at least we don't have that bad of rumors. The fans love our relationship. Larry Stylinson, as they call us, that's cute. I want you to know that no matter what, you are my love, it doesn't matter how many girls that they make me date, you're the one Louis Tomlinson." He said quietly looking me in the eyes. He pecked my lips and jumped down from my bunk and closed my curtain and then got in his. His is right underneath mine. There is this crack between my bunk and the wall so he slips cute notes to me while everyone is sleeping. I felt a piece of paper touch my arm. I grabbed it and used my phone as a flashlight and looked at it. It was me and him holding  hands. He can really draw. I mean it wasn't that detailed, but it came from him so I don't mind.


Harry's p.o.v

We all rode the bus to the hotel. Lou, Liam and myself were in our bunks. I kept thinking to myself about how upset Loui was about us. I feel so bad that I can't do much about him and I wanting to be together. I got out and waited for everyone to go and Loui walked beside me the whole time. We had girls screaming at us all the way to the building, we stopped and signed a couple of autographs for the fans. I looked over at Lou.

"Who do you want to share a room with?" I asked as we took a group photo. He whispered. 

"You." I smiled and walked with the management to our rooms and Loui got comfy in my room until Paul came in. 

"No, you guys can't share a room." Louis shook his head and grabbed all his things and was about to walk out when I pipped up and said,

"No! Louis want's to share a room with, leave him alone. I don't know why you guys think you can control us. You can't control me anymore. He's staying in here with me." Paul shook his head and said whatever and walked out shutting the door. Louis turned around and starred at me. He dropped his stuff and hugged me. I hugged back enjoying his warmth.

"Thank you Curly." He said letting go and picking his things and putting them on his bed and then taking some things to the bathroom. "I'm going to shower." He shut the door to the bathroom. I sat on the bed smiling. I turned the TV on and started watching 'Family Guy'. It has been about 20 minutes later that Louis came out and laid on his bed. I looked at him and got undressed in my boxers when Niall opened our split door. 

"Night Lads!" He yelled smiling and laughing. He shut the door between our rooms and locked it. I shut the light off and got in bed. I covered up and noticed that it was a little chilly. 

"Louis? Are you awake?" I asked whispering. I sat up and looked over at him.

"Yes Curly." He said in his sleepy voice, his tired voice is so hot. I turned my lamp on and looked at him. 

"I'm cold Lou." I said covering up more. He sat up and looked over at me. 

"Turn the heat up." He said trying to hold a laugh in. I groaned and shut the lamp off and laid back down. "Harry, what did you really want me to do?" He asked still sat up. I sat back up and turned my lamp back on and looked at him.

"I wanted to cuddle with you." I said not making eye contact. He got up and walked over to my bed and laid beside me on the covers looking at me.

"Harry, you know I want to be cuddled by you but we can't take that risk on our career and go against management." He said as I hid my body under the blankets. He got under with me and put his hands on my cheeks. I smiled and blushed to his warm hands. I looked up at him and kissed him passionately. He didn't pull back either so I got a little more into it.

"H-har." He moaned out quietly as I started kissing his neck, "The light. Turn the light off." I shut the lamp off and right after I shut it off Louis pushed me back on the bed getting on top of me.He started kissing my neck leaving love bites on his way down to my boxers. I bit my lip as my hands were clenched onto the sheets. 

"Louis. What if they hear us?" I asked worried as he was about to take my boxers off. 

"Looks like you're gonna have to keep your moans quiet." He said as yanking them down reveling my long hard length. I bit my lip harder as he licked slowly around the tip. I let out a quiet moan. He took the whole thing and I arched my back enjoying what he is doing to me. He get his pajamas off and started kissing up my body to my ear.

"Make sure it's wet for my Curly boy." He spoke in my ear quietly. I love his dirty voice it made me so hard. He got up and stood up at the foot of my bed. I got on my knees and started teasing him by licking his tip.

"H-harry stop teasing me." He spoke as I kept doing it. He started getting tense as if he wanted more. I took his whole length in my mouth letting it go around in my mouth playing with it with my tongue. 

After I got his length all wet and ready he pushed me back on my stomach on the bed. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Hands and knees now." I did as he wanted. At first I felt just the tip, then after about 30 seconds he put it all inside of me. I was leaning my head in the pillow moaning as well as biting the pillow to keep it quiet. Louis was thrusting in and out of me fast and hard making sure he got to hear a moan from me for each thrust. 

Louis flipped me over and started again as my nails dug into his back and I was moaning quietly into his chest. I moaned his name as I started to feel him get sloppy. He was about to cum and I wanted it. He was going in and out of me until he filled me with his white creamy liquid. I felt Louis' hand on my length stroking up and down while licking trying to get me to cum. I leaned back as my cum went all over his face and in his mouth. I laid back relaxed and relieved. He joined me on my bed just looking at the ceiling, not talking, not touching, nothing. We were laying there exhausted and trying to process what just happened. I got up and picked up out clothes and put them in our bags. I got us both fresh pair of boxers and gave Louis one of my shirts to wear as Louis got up to get one of his to give to me. We didn't talk. We didn't touch. We didn't kiss. We were just thinking about us. I looked over at him and hugged him tightly. He hugged back as he kissed my cheek. I smiled and laid back down in my bed as he did the same in his bed. It was about 10 minutes later that one of us had finally said something to each other. 

"Harry." I heard Lou say quietly and shy.

"Yeah Loui?" I asked.

"I Love You." Louis spoke with confinidence and sweetly.

"I Love you Too Louis." I replied with the widest smile on my face.





So this wasn't really a imagine but many people have asked me if i shipped Larry and i'm pretty sure this should be a could way to show that i do ship it. Comment what guy and a little about yourself and i'll work from there! :) I'll update my other story 'Love's Hard', I've just been busy with getting ready for school. BTW- I would like to thank one of my close friends from my old school for helping me make this. He helped with the sex part, (He's Gay) I still love him! :) So comment it uppppppp!!


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