Pillow Talk Boy

Alexis Ethel Troy, was the girl who never liked her body, she hated herself, she wanted to die. Shes fifteen nearly sixteen, her parents are very religious so when she discovered the bag girl inside of her she "joins the drama club". The club met every night starting at six o'clock. Sometimes she would stay the night. Jacob Roy Young, was the jock who had everything except a family life, but he didn't really care, he had anything he wanted at anytime, including any girl he wanted. He's sixteen nearly seventeen, and his parents didn't give two licks, but when he crashes the freshmen drama club meeting, he is faced with a huge surprise.


2. Who's He?

Alexis POV:

"Wait for me" I said and finished my drink doing the same for our parents. Running after my brother I fought up to him. "Is this really about religion? I mean is it really why you stay late at school?", I asked.

"No", he answered bluntly. My brother was a different person now the he was in front of my parents.

"Oh, then what is it about?", I asked.

"Why do you ask so many questions? It's really quite annoying, considering my head is pounding", he rubes his eyes lightly.

"I'm sorry, but what is it really about?", I asked again pushing for an answer.

"My girlfriend okay, I have a girlfriend. Have for six months", he snapped.

"Oh", that's all I could say.

---At School---

"No, I'm telling you Sara, it's like he isn't the same person.", I walked down the hall with my best friend griping my books tightly. Nearly stoping in my tracks I stood dumfound by the guy walking into the school. My school has a dress code, but he wasn't in dress. He had a leather jacket, a white shirt and black pants on. His hair was slicked back but somehow tussled, it was shaved on the sides leaving the top full of lush black hair.

"Who are you looking at?", she asked, I wasn't sure if I should have told her but I did;

"The new guy, do you know who that is?"

"No, but he looks like trouble, he won't last long here", she uttered the continued talking, but I couldn't help but stair att he new boy, as he starred back then looked away smirking.

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