Pillow Talk Boy

Alexis Ethel Troy, was the girl who never liked her body, she hated herself, she wanted to die. Shes fifteen nearly sixteen, her parents are very religious so when she discovered the bag girl inside of her she "joins the drama club". The club met every night starting at six o'clock. Sometimes she would stay the night. Jacob Roy Young, was the jock who had everything except a family life, but he didn't really care, he had anything he wanted at anytime, including any girl he wanted. He's sixteen nearly seventeen, and his parents didn't give two licks, but when he crashes the freshmen drama club meeting, he is faced with a huge surprise.


4. Uhm, Sure

Alexis POV:

"Oh, Alexis, we aren't really a drama club, but, believe me honey, we can show you a good time", Jackie smiled. Every bone in my body wanted to turn and run, but Jacobs words were buzzing around in my mind. I did want something more exciting then what I had done before. I hadn't even kissed a guy before, and I was turning sixteen tomorrow. Heck I don't even know what my own breasts feel like.

"O-okay", I stuttered out blushing hard, hearing Jacob scoff humorously from across the room. Looking up I was being starred at by all the girls.

"Tell us what you have done", Jackie said in an interactive way.

"Well not much", I replied quietly.

"Ever had sex?", she asked and I shook my head no. "Ever played with yourself?", she asked hoping I would have said yes, but I couldn't. "Ever smoked weed?", she asked followed by multiple other questions that I shamefully said no to.

"You really are clueless", Kim said astonished.

"Yea, sadly", I replied glancing at Jacob. "Well let's start you off slowly", she smirked slightly and got up walking over to the sofa and reached under the cushion. She pulled out a bottle of whiskey and a small pill bottle. Her parents had given her the sofa and she cut a small hole in the body of the sofa.

"Here, newbie gets to take the first drink". Kim said handing me the bottle, and I slightly hesitated taking to bottle, but I did and I took a large drink. The liquor burned as it slid down my throat, making me want to throw up, but I was said that if I did I would throw up blood. I knew I wouldn't though.

"Are our ever gonna roll that joint Kim", Jacob harped.

"Slow down boy, take a shot", she laughed and opened the white pill bottle pulling out a lump of strange substances, with purple and red strips through it. Crushing it up into a fine substance she rolled it into a paper and lit it. She took a few hits from it then passed it to Jacob who followed her prosecutor.

"Alexis?" Riley asked. The smell of the joint was making me slightly sick, but I didn't want to be in-cool in front of Jacob. In a moment of being completely scared I took a hit. Chocking on the smoke I tasted the remaining marijuana in my throat.

"You okay sugar", I heard Jacob laugh. He was laughing at me because I had never smoked before. Nodding I took another hit and managed to mimic what the others had done.

"Yea, just had a scratch in my throat", I smirked and looked down then back up at him through my eyelashes, making him pin his ears back slightly then look away. I had taken him off guard and I loved that, something inside of me wanted to do it again.

"Okay girls, and guy, pass this around and be generous to our new girl. Remember, the new member get the rest of the whiskey in the cup", Kim smirked as she poured the whiskey into a red solo cup.

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