Pillow Talk Boy

Alexis Ethel Troy, was the girl who never liked her body, she hated herself, she wanted to die. Shes fifteen nearly sixteen, her parents are very religious so when she discovered the bag girl inside of her she "joins the drama club". The club met every night starting at six o'clock. Sometimes she would stay the night. Jacob Roy Young, was the jock who had everything except a family life, but he didn't really care, he had anything he wanted at anytime, including any girl he wanted. He's sixteen nearly seventeen, and his parents didn't give two licks, but when he crashes the freshmen drama club meeting, he is faced with a huge surprise.


1. Hello World

My name, is Alexis Ethel Troy, I'm a good girl who studies hard and plays fair. At least that's what my parents think. Ive been raised in a Catholic family, where gays and lesbians are Satan's spawn, and tattoos, pre-marital sex, and drugs is pretty much sentencing a person to Hell. However, what my parents don't understand is that I've changed a lot lately. Let me start at the beginning, when my life was flipped upside down.

----Two Weeks Before----

"Alex!", my mothers voice was sharp and I had wish she wasn't so happy when waking me up.

"I'm awake!" I shouted back nearly as cruel as her. Sitting up I gathered myself and pulled my shirt off exposing the cuts that had healed and now were faint scars that you could hardly see. Sighing, I walked to my closent slipping my panties off and trossing them into the small hamper along with my shirt. I had a hamper that couldn't fit a small pup in it, so I was forced to wash my clothes every three days. My mother was picky about that.

"Good morning Alex", I said to myself pulling my boxer like panties on and my pants. I wore a lot of yoga pants and long baggy t-shirts so I wouldn't be considered a whore when I walked into school. I was completely covered from head to toe. I never wore makeup and I always had my hair up in a nice bun on the back of my head.

I was simple.

Walking down the stairs of my house I was met by my little brother who was fourteen, with a lot more good looks. He had blue eyes and brown hair, he was tall and looked a lot older then I did, but he still dressed like a school boy. Polo's and jeans, with the polo tucked in and a black belt to hold his nice jeans up. I suppose girls liked that because he has a girlfriend.

"Good morning Alex", my father smiled at me. He was a larger man, around three-hundred pounds, but dont let that fool you, he was an E-6 in the Navy. He served for sixteen years, which is impressive.

"Good morning dad", I smiled kissing his cheek, as I walked past him to grab an apple.

"Did you do your morning prayer?", my mother asked. Like I said, my parents were very religious.

"Yes", I smiled. I was happy this way though, nothing was complicated and I had anything I could ever want.

"So I have to stay late at school today", my brother said looking up from his plate of toast and eggs. My family believed the less we buy the more we could give to the needy, and for the most part it worked.

"That's the third time this week Brandon", my father said firm, as he continued, "is there something you want to tell us", my father was never like this. He had only gotten firm with me twice and with my brother, but it seems lately my brother is getting in more trouble at school. Says its about religion.

"No, dad, every one else just thinks that Catholics are bullies, so I'm making my statements to hopefully bring them to the church", he explained smiling. Ive seen my brother lie before but this didn't seem like I lie, but it felt like a lie. Why?

"Okay, be safe", my mother said brushing her brown hair back. My mother had a very small build, she weighed less than one-hundred-fifty pounds and her eyes were beautiful blue like my brothers eyes.

"I will mom", my brother paused then stood up and took his plate to the sink. "See you tonight", he smiled and kissed our mothers cheek, and gave our father a slight hug.

"Wait for me" I said and finished my drink doing the same for our parents. Following my brother out of the house, and down the driveway I looked over at him.

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