Pillow Talk Boy

Alexis Ethel Troy, was the girl who never liked her body, she hated herself, she wanted to die. Shes fifteen nearly sixteen, her parents are very religious so when she discovered the bag girl inside of her she "joins the drama club". The club met every night starting at six o'clock. Sometimes she would stay the night. Jacob Roy Young, was the jock who had everything except a family life, but he didn't really care, he had anything he wanted at anytime, including any girl he wanted. He's sixteen nearly seventeen, and his parents didn't give two licks, but when he crashes the freshmen drama club meeting, he is faced with a huge surprise.


3. Drama Club!

Alexis POV:

"No, but he looks like trouble, he won't last long here", she uttered then continued talking, but I couldn't help but stare at the new boy, as he stared back then looked away smirking. My friend was right, he did look like trouble, but something made me want him. It made me want the trouble.

"Hey Sara, I'll catch up with you after school, can you come over for homework? I know we have that test coming up.", I smiled pleadingly at her. Looking shocked she nodded then smiled.

"See you after school!", she giggled then walked off. Sighing in relief, I looked back to the boy in the leather jacket. He was walking towards me, why was he walking towards me? My palms were moist and I felt like I was going to puke, why did I feel this way?

"Miss Troy, would you be willing to show Jacob Young around? He's new here, he needs an outfit, his books, and his locker combination, can you do that?", Father Chris said. I nodded then looked at Jacob who was staring at me intensely.

"Yes Father", I answered in a small voice.

"Good my daughter, you are dismissed.", he smiled and walked off.

"Yes, Father?", the boy laughed breaking the silence.

"What about it? Aren't you Catholic?", I asked and walked him to the office where he could barrow his outfit and books, until he gets his own.

"My parents are, but I don't believe in this hocus pocus", he laughed slightly, "I just find it hard to believe that I'll go too hell if I hook up one night, or I take what I want from a party, or let alone just go to a party. I like an occasional beer.", His voice was very raspy, and his eyes were dark brown, almost black. His breath smelt of light mint, like a mint leaf. I listened to his explanation carefully, it all made since to me. What he said.

"I totally get that, but you must believe in something", I paused, "here's the office, you can change your clothes and get your books here, Sister Joana should have a book back for you", I smiled and stood by the door as he walked in. Maybe this whole religion thing was just "hocus pocus" as he would say. Looking at my phone, I say that my friend had sent me an add for a drama club at her school, she used to go here, but her parents movies from the county into town so she traded schools. She had invited me to come to the meeting tonight, and something inside of me said not to go, but before I could stop myself I had excepted the offer. About twenty minutes later Jacob walked out, in black dress pants and a white button up shirt tucked in. He looked amazing.

"I feel like a monkey", he protested and wrapped his large hand around his leather jacket and smirked at me slightly. Something about him told me not to get to close, but I wanted to. Why am I have so many mix signals, this has never happened before.

---After School---

"Sara I'm sorry but I completely spaced that I have other plans for tonight, but maybe tomorrow we could get together. Sorry again, talk to you latter", I said leaving her a voicemail. My parents had surpassingly agreed to me going to my friends house, so my mom was half way there.

"Be good, call if you need anything sweetheart", she smiled and called out the window to me as I got out and walked up to my friends house. I waved and knocked on the door, feeling my mom staring at me.

"Alexis!", Kimberlite shouted, and hugged me. Waving my mom goodbye I hugged her back. She had changed so much. She had now black hair instead of blond, and she had bars t the top of her ears as a piercing.

"How have you been Kim?", I asked and followed her to the basement of her house where we met several other girls that looked similar to her. Kimberlite hated her real name so she asked me to call her Kim instead.

"Good", she smiled and sat me n cat to this strange girl. "Oh, by the way, this is a sleep over, I hope you told your mom", she smirked.

"Yea I did", I smiled.

"Good, now girls, this is Alexis, she's a Catholic but I'm sure we can change that by the nights over.", Kim smirked. "Alexis, this is Jackie", she pointed to the girl on her right. Jackie was a Latin-American girl with red dyed hair, and snake bites. "Monica and Monique, they're twins", she pointed to two girls who looked identical, with blue hair and noise rings. "Tristyn", she pointed to the girl with brown hair that came to her shoulders. "and finally Riley", she smiled and nodded to the thin girl with huge breasts and large thighs. "Now that you've met all of the girls, it's time to meet the boy we recently got", she smirked and fixed her hair, fixing her attention to a figure behind me.

Turning around I slowly looked up from this strangers legs, he was in black pants, a white shirt, and leather jacket. Meeting this boy eye to eye I let out a small gasp.

"That is Jacob", her voice chirped.

"Hey beautiful", he smiled and sat across from me, which was by Kim. I was in yoga pants, and a black tight button up shirt that showed a bit of my bra and Breasts. I won't lie, I had an amazing build, I had D-cups and my butt was very profound, but nobody knew because of the school outfits I wore.

"So when are we going to start rehearsing for the play Kim mentioned?", I asked softly and heard the girls laugh.

"Oh, Alexis, we aren't really a drama club, but, believe me honey, we can show you a good time", Jackie smiled.

A/N: hey guys 🤗 I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm very happy everyone is likening his so far. I will be updating as much as I can, but keep the comments coming I love hearing for you guys! What do you think Jackie meant by her comment? Let me know in the comments below! See everyone real soon!! Love you all!!

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